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Simplified Compliance

Are you under pressure from your customers to comply with certain standards?
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Many small and medium businesses are requested to comply with various standards or respond to assessments for proving sufficient maturity to provide services to larger and often times highly regulated organisations. Cost of compliance and implementation can be disproportionately higher for smaller businesses, if there is not sufficient subject matter expertise available in house and conventional approaches to compliance are applied.

Alyne provides guidance along with simple and actionable controls for your business to meet requirements defined in many leading standards such as the ISO 27000 group for Information Security Management, ISO 31000 group for Risk Management, ISO 22300 for Business Continuity, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, COBIT 2019, COSO, PCI DSS and more. Using Alyne’s control statement library provides an easy way to demonstrate maturity of your organisation without the typically high cost of hiring subject matter expertise.