Alyne Use Cases

The Alyne SaaS offering is built by Cyber Risk professionals for Cyber Risk professionals. We know the use case scenarios first hand and baked our rich expertise right into our product.

Effective Vendor Governance and Supplier Risk Management

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Are your suppliers playing by your rules?

Effective Vendor Governance and Supplier Risk Management

Effective vendor governance can be like the proverbial needle in the haystack. You need to assess the entire haystack to identify the key risk “needles” that are threatening your confidential information assets. German privacy laws require the assessment of all vendors processing personally identifiable information, but implementing effective vendor governance using conventional solutions proves extremely expensive. The challenge remains to identify the key risk vendors and suppliers cost efficiently.

Alyne provides predefined assessments for identifying high risk vendors and documenting outcomes with legally required diligence. Alyne assessments are highly scalable and allow you to digitalise and commoditise your vendor governance and supplier risk management within minutes.