Alyne Extend

Connect Alyne to your preferred Identity Provider natively or via SAML to enable automated and secure access management for your users and integrate Alyne with your existing applications, data stores and SaaS solutions via native adapters, file-based syncs, REST APIs or event-driven streaming integrations.

  • SAML colour

    Provide a secure and convenient single sign-on experience to Alyne through the SAML standard.

  • Amazon S3 colour

    Use AWS S3 as a secure data storage platform for file-based integrations into Alyne, allowing you to connect to any kind of digital data record.

  • SFTP Logo colour

    A secure channel to easily sync data assets from any legacy application or file-based storage into Alyne.

  • Servicenow colour

    Use ServiceNow data within Alyne seamlessly with its Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and rich customisation options included.

  • security scorecard

    Leverage the integration with SecurityScorecard for automatic, in-app visibility of the security posture of your vendors or business partners.

  • LeanIX Logo colour

    Connect LeanIX and Alyne with a native adapter for rich customisation and data transformation options, allowing integration in batch or in real-time.

  • Rest API Colour

    Alyne is capable to access REST APIs, be it from a common 3rd party SaaS or a proprietary one to ingest data in batch and real-time.

  • Active directory colour

    Use Microsoft Azure AD to enable SSO and access control to Alyne, the cloud way.

  • ADFS colour

    Use Microsoft’s ADFS single sign-On (SSO) solution for access control within Alyne.

  • Open ID Colour

    Use the generic OpenID adapter for secure single sign-on (SSO) into Alyne.

  • Google workspace

    Leverage the single sign-on (SSO) capabilities of Google Workspace within your Alyne account.

  • Ping Identity colour

    Establish a Ping Federate connection for a secure and convenient single sign-on (SSO) integration.