Product Features

Alyne provides your organisation with deep content, rich context and unmatched usability to digitalise cyber security, risk management and compliance.

Extensive content crafted by industry experts

Comprehensive Library

More than 936 Control Statements provide you with deep cyber security, risk management and compliance capability

Adaptable Controls

Provide guidance for you to tailor the library to your organisation’s needs

Multi-lingual Content

Removes language barriers. You can define content in one language that is displayed to users in their native language. Currently English and German are available with more translations in progress

Hot Topics

Such as Cyber Security, International Data Privacy, Business Continuity Management, Identity and Access Management, Bring Your Own Device Programs, Social Media Risk Management, Information Security Management and many more are covered

User Engagement

Enhances the content value by allowing users to interact and comment on control statements, control sets, assessments and reports directly

Risk Library

More than 742 interlinked risks display consequences of weaknesses in every control statement in the library

Smart Assessments

Easily create an unparalleled degree of risk transparency with Alyne’s highly scalable assessment function within your organisation and dependent third parties

Context rich data enabling informed decisions

Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed reports for any combination of assessment results providing instant management summary statements paired with a detailed drill down exploration capability and measurable results

Linked Standards

Currently 39 Standards, Laws and Regulations relating to Information Security, Data Privacy, Operational Risk Management, Financial Regulation, BCM and other topics are linked with each control statement and enables measuring compliance

Publishing Function

Use Alyne’s curated control sets or create your own custom sets, publish them for users in your organisation and digitalise your policy portal

Information design and usability focussed user experience

Instant Availability

No deployment effort, no setup costs, no need for configuration. Access Alyne’s full capability instantly

Fast Searching

All of Alyne’s content is keyword searchable and extensively meta tagged for highly accurate, relevant and instant search results

Intuitive Navigation

We’ve made navigating large amounts of data easy for all types of users with multiple navigation options from large visual queues to keyboard shortcuts

Responsive Design

Get the full rich functionality on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Alyne has been designed to reduce any entry barriers to using the platform to an absolute minimum

Adaptable Views

Use different views depending on your task such as a reading view for consuming content or an expert view when more context is needed

The Alyne Content Library

The heart of the Alyne SaaS includes:

  • 1041 Control Statements
  • 899 interlinked Risks associated with Control Statements
  • 76 Control Sets and 54 Assessment Templates
  • 43 Standards, Laws and Regulations mapped
  • 2 Languages (EN-US, EN-GB, DE)
Download Library Overview as PDF

Product screenshots

Curated content, passionately designed information, powerful functionality.
Assessment response screenshot

Assessment Response Screen

Assessment screenshot


Controlsets screenshot

Control Set library

Dashboard screenshot


Glossary screenshot


Modifying Controls screenshot

Modifying controls

Reports screenshot


Riskgraph screenshot

Risk graph

When it comes to security, we eat our own dog food.

Security by design

Security is at the core of how Alyne has been designed and built. All communication from your browser to our front end, back end and database is encrypted after a highly secure authentication process including the option of two-factor authentication. A stringent logical segregation of data between client accounts was followed throughout the data model.

State of the art technology

Alyne is built on a pure Javascript tech stack leveraging state of the art frameworks. Only industry leading platform services are utilised providing the highest grade physical security on the market, far exceeding the capabilities of most organisations and providing super high availability for our customers.

Crown jewels approach

Our security concept diligently identifies the “crown jewels” of data requiring the highest level of protection such as assessment responses and provided assessment evidence. For these elements we have devised a system of rotating, client specific cryptographic keys using hardware security modules to protect each “crown jewel” data object in motion and at rest.

Made in Germany

Alyne was designed and engineered in Germany, with the data privacy requirements and demands of the German market in mind and our service is provided from within the European Union.

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