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  • AI technology is here to stay. In this episode, hosts Karl and Stefan welcome Peter Thomson, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Mitratech, to discuss current AI capabilities and future advancements in the Contract Management space. Additionally, they discuss blockchain technology and use cases. To close, a new Top 3: Best/Worst AI Exemplifications in Entertainment.

  • It's War! In this episode of The RegTech Report we shake things up a bit and game out a Cyber Warfare scenario focused in the US Energy Sector. Russia's state-sponsored hacking, the Russia /Ukraine conflict and current Cyber Security industry standards are some of the critical points discussed to set the scene of this episode. How should you prepare and what contingency plans you should have in place are some of the key questions answered. To close, Movies or Shows with the Worst Cyber Security Depictions.

  • ESG is the topic everyone is talking about. In this episode, hosts Karl, Stefan and Henry breakdown ESG risks, go over SEC's recently announced ESG requirements and the current landscape of ESG Risk Management in the US, Europe & the UK. Later, a new Cyber Basics segment, "The Cloud". All you ever wanted to know about the topic and maybe a little more. To close, Top 3: Everyday Life Sustainable Choices.

  • We're back and we have a brand new look! In this first episode of season 2, hosts Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo and Henry Umney discuss possible Cyber Security risks of the escalating Russia - Ukraine conflict and how to prevent your organization from becoming collateral damage. Later, an expert look into the Operational Resilience agenda. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Malware. To close, Top 3: Bucket List Trips.

  • After 41 episodes, Season 1 of The RegTech Report comes to an end. In this episode, hosts Karl Viertel & Stefan Sulistyo welcome their new cohost, Henry Umney, Managing Director of GRC Strategy at Mitratech. Listen to our hosts share some amazing stats about Season 1, what can we expect of the podcast moving forward, GRC hot topics and much more. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Phishing. To close, Top 3: Podcasts You Can't Stop Listening To.

  • Hosts Karl and Stefan discuss Digital Legacies. Strategies, facts and everything you need to know about this topic. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, we continue the legacy-focus conversation diving into: Email Legacies and Security. People assume emails are secure, is that really true? What's more secure: WhatsApp or Email? Then, as the year comes to an end and holiday shopping begins, we give you Top 3: Great Gift Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts.

  • In this episode, hosts Karl Viertel & Stefan Sulistyo do an unfold of the RegTech Industry. How has it changed in the past years? Where were we vs where do we currently stand? Later, WTFacebook. All you need to know about the recent Facebook (or shall we say Meta) dilemma. To close, a new Cyber Basics segment: Mobile Phone Security. Then, Top 3: Productivity Hacks and Updates that can, potentially, make your life easier.

  • Karl and Stefan break down the topic everyone is talking about: Mitratech's recent acquisition of Alyne, an insider scoop right from the source. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, Karl & Stefan discuss: Passwords. All you wanted to know about the topic and maybe a little more. Then, we switch our usual Top 3 section for: Love, Hate & Avoid about Octoberfest.

  • DNA Ancestry Pages & Data Privacy. The use of DNA information from ancestry websites that can be used to draw family trees and potentially help solve criminal investigations. One person's DNA could be enough to identify hundreds or even thousands of their genetic relatives - none of whom have consented to law enforcement checks. In effect, one person can sign up their entire extended family. Then, we introduce a new segment: Cyber Basics. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, Karl & Stefan discuss: Cryptography and Ransomware Attacks. Plus, Top 3: Worst Stock Images.

  • Karl and Stefan discuss ESG Frameworks. ESG topics in regard to placing it into a risk reporting framework, is reasonably new, which is evident in many of the currently available frameworks – perhaps more accurately, 'structures and thoughts'. So, how do you go from assessing the Megatrends, to creating a specific methodology to report on ESG risk? In the second segment, Karl is joined by Claudia Howe, Alyne's Regional Head of Sales, to talk about the Finanzmarktintegritätsstärkungsgesetz (FISG). (Yes, this is a real word). FISG is a new German regulation that further amplifies that requirement for a well functioning ICS and risk management function. This activity however, is not just limited to Germany, but will take place in the UK too, with the upcoming UK SOX. Then, our Top 3 reasons you might cancel (last minute) your flight to space with Richard Branson.

  • What role do Continuous Controls play in an organisation? From preventing or mitigating potential losses to helping maintain powerful regulatory activity; all while saving money by reducing compliance costs, manual monitoring costs and costs incurred due to losses. Also in this episode, the Eastern Seaboard Fuel Crisis and the impact of cybersecurity in it. Later in our news segment, our hosts discuss Apple's accusations of using forced labor, WhatsApp's new end user agreement and N26 under the scrutiny of the German regulator BaFin. To close our episode, Karl & Stefan's Top 3: Things You Do When You Get Vaccinated.

  • How can organisations avoid exposure to risks directly connected to their supply chains? Lessons learned in Supply Chain Management from the crisis generated by the blockage of the Suez Canal. Also in this episode, Vaccine Passports and the potential issues they bring with them. Concerns are rapidly rising in relation to privacy issues, equality and practicality. To close our efficiency-focused episode, Karl & Stefan's Top 3: Archaic Business Requests.

  • ESG topics and global Mega Trends are gaining fast momentum - with regulation increasing and likes of reporting being made mandatory in some sectors. Karl and Stefan discuss ESG Risk Management as a hot topic to watch. In the second segment, they discuss an older topic of Data Residency which seems to be gaining steam again. What is the legal view? Why is there avoidance of the public cloud and preference for own tenancy? Are we just in a bubble, or is this a trend? Then, Karl and Stefan's Top 3 'Corporate email fails'.

  • Karl and Stefan talk about access to the internet and how it influences various democratic processes. In the second segment, Karl talks to Frederick Geyer, Alyne's specialist for Control Frameworks based out of the US, to discuss Financial Controls and modern assurance mechanisms. What approaches should be taken in the design and testing of internal Controls? How do you go about achieving financial integrity and resilience? How is technology facilitating this process? Then, Top 3: YouTube categories on Karl and Stefan's playlist.

  • In this episode, Karl and Stefan discuss recent data privacy issues related to popular messaging apps. In segment two, they dive into the key role of RegTech in the healthcare industry, in light of the current situation. Then: Top 3 lighthearted reasons for (and against) taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • In the first segment, Stefan talks to Erkan Wisler from RegTech Impact on the past, present and future of RegTech. Where are we in the hype cycle? What does RegTech 3.0 look like? Secondly, Stefan and Karl discuss their predictions of the big themes for 2021 in business, technology and regulation. To close off the year, they end with their top 3 thoughts on how the year 2020 might end.

  • In the first segment, Karl and Stefan discuss E-Government, the flaws in many government identity schemes and the impact it has on the likes of voting and elections – in contrast with a country that gets Digital Identity Systems right. In the second segment, Karl talks to Shawn Livermore, author of Amazon best-selling book, Average Joe: Be the Silicon Valley Tech Genius. The book teaches anyone how to think, speak, and create like some of the brightest tech founders in the world. The episode discussion is centred around innovation and creativity in tech. Then, our top 3: Shows that Karl and Stefan are binge-streaming

  • Stefan Sulistyo is joined by Krista Arndt, Deputy CISO of Customers Bank, to discuss the life of a CISO, the parallels of risk management and race car driving, and Vendor Threat Intelligence. Then, Stefan is joined by Felix Schock, Head of Customer Success at Alyne to talk about how Insuretech's, FinTech's and other startups in the financial services industry are faring though the crisis. Top 3: Alman Behaviours (Alman = Typically German, in Turkish)

  • What is required for the German auditing standard, IDW PS 340 n.F.? Karl Viertel and Claudia Howe (Sales Director at Alyne) talk to Jochen Friedemann (Head of Operational Risk at HDI) on operational risk and preparing for audit against such standards. Listen in as they discuss aspects such as risk models, risk assessment (qualitative and quantitative), documentation, communication and tips like talking to the auditor in his/her own language. This week's Top 3: How to recognise a Big 4 consultant

  • In the first segment, Karl talks to Ben Richmond, CEO and Founder at Cube on change management and implementation in the context of RegTech. In the second segment, Karl and Stefan cover contact tracing apps, arguably the greatest change management undertaking of current times – preventing the spread of the Coronavirus through technology acceptance and transparency. Then, in celebration of the move to our new Alyne Munich office, we've decided to do the Top 3 cliché startup office objects.

  • This episode, we talk to Charles Delingpole – Founder and CEO of ComplyAdvantage – on sustainability, ethical governance and how at the core, RegTech's purpose is centred around supporting a better future for all. Then in the second segment, Karl and Stefan dive into a current snapshot of the cyber attacks recently experienced at Alyne. Then, a summer edition discussing Top 3 cool down tips.

  • Karl and Stefan discuss thoughts on the similarities between two major and rapidly unfolding stories of 2020 - the Twitter Hack and Wirecard. Both environments, who are heavily regulated and audited with strong conventional controls, still left a wide open space to defraud shareholders, manipulate employees and expose customers. In 2020, moving people into new environments shifted the security baseline, making employees vulnerable with compromised security awareness. What does this tell us about the nature of Controls? Can this even be completely prevented going forward? As even in the strongest castle, you can still find some way to get through the walls. Top 3: Things that went away with COVID and are likely not coming back any time soon.

  • Karl Viertel (CEO at Alyne), Shiran Weitzman, (CEO at Shield), Danny Gal (CRO at Clausematch) and Koen Vanderhoydonk (CEO at Blanco) talk about their checklist for "New Compliance Normal" with Bayley Benton. In recent months, the operations of the financial services have been taken by surprise. During this period, financial services have been embracing innovative technologies in order to continue servicing their clients. This transition has raised many concerns revolving around compliance in the "new" work environment. We are in the midst of a true compliance evolution and a new compliance checklist is required for financial services to remain relevant and compliant. Check out to see more from the companies.

  • Recent events have revolutionised the trajectory of business operation and opened the doors for organisations to function collectively, yet in a decentralised manner. This downtime does not signify a pause in compliance and regulation, but rather a time for organisations to review their operational efficiencies as we undergo a true compliance revolution. In our 7 point strategy, Karl and Stefan provide projections for the future of business and compliance. In the second segment, the pair discuss Contact Tracing Apps and the privacy, compliance and controls surrounding it. How do you distinguish between tracking and tracing? How do you prevent the misuse of a structure such as this, that is already in place? Top 3: Small things you realised you missed, now that things are getting back to 'normal'.

  • Karl and Stefan discuss cyber attacks and phishing attempts - why perimeter security is essential, but awareness is paramount. Then, Enterprise controls and frameworks, and last cloud computing and sustainability – reducing your digital and organisational carbon footprint. Then, our special Top 3: Disappointments of the apocalypse #nerdedition

  • A webinar, turned podcast: Hosts Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo are joined by Michael Rasmussen (GRC20/20) and Jochen Friedemann (Operational Risk at HDI Group) to discuss operational resilience in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, OpRisk responses to current events and insights for today and future landscapes, with a Q&A session from our viewers.

  • Karl, Stefan and Bayley discuss the dynamic and constantly developing COVID-19 situation. How is the outbreak influencing working environments, disrupting economies and shaking up the world as we know it? We discuss going virtual, vital communication methods, remaining 100% productive and all of the different pros and cons that go with being remote.

  • We recently conducted an Alyne BCM exercise around various Coronavirus scenarios: what is the probability, the business impact and appropriate responses? Karl and Stefan provide insight into the in-house discussion. They then discuss international Women's day and celebrate the women in tech and the women at Alyne, but debate the question: Is it a good or bad thing that we need dedicated conferences for women in Cyber and tech? Then, in the third topic, Karl and Stefan cover team management and pose another question: Is managing a RegTech any different to managing any other company? Top 3: Doomsday Survival Strategies #NerdEdition

  • Straight out of our New York office, Karl chats with Alyne's head of North America, Tyler Gowen, on the state of RegTech in the US. What can we expect the focus topics to be for the year ahead? Then, Karl is joined by our guest John Lore, attorney at Capital Fund Law, to discuss investment strategies and the current investment ecosystem in RegTech, specifically in the US. Then the news and our Top 3: Football vs Soccer.

  • In our final episode for 2019, we look back the RegTech predictions made by all four Alyne founders in a blog post published at the beginning of the year. Then, Karl and Stefan discuss their thoughts on what 2020 might have in store for the likes of technology, RegTech, compliance and more. Stefan then moves out of the studio to get some live team input on what they are excited for within RegTech and for Alyne in the coming year. Top 3 binge-worthy TV shows for the holidays. #NerdEdition

  • Karl and Stefan discuss one of the most primary elements of RegTech: Controls. What exactly makes up a good control and why are so many enterprise controls so overburdened, over dimensioned and not as efficient as they should be? In segment 2, Karl talks to Theresa Azari, Co-founder and CCO of 'Fractional CISO' about what GRC success looks like and the transition toward a new GRC workforce generation. Then, our Top 3: Generational differences between Millennials and Boomers.

  • In this episode, Karl and Stefan discuss RegTech’s relevance in the context of FinTech, and look at the ways in which RegTech differs, yet greatly benefits financial institutions in their resilience and cost-cutting efforts

  • Vendor governance... why do the vast majority of companies still not have this properly covered? Karl and Stefan give their personal insights into why this process is so challenging for most organisations to manage and discuss the regulatory and legal requirements around it. In segment two, they cover cloud and the connection between vendor risk and cloud risk. Then... a very special (and informative) Oktoberfest edition of our Top 3!

  • Karl and Stefan talk about innovation vs compliance – two topics that seem like opposites... Are they opposing forces or are there synergies between the two? The pair discuss how RegTech is innovating in the compliance space and volley over the concept of regulatory sandboxes as an innovation enabler. In the second segment, they discuss innovation in financial technology – How have technological developments innovated this landscape for the better and how has it made it rife for the likes of AML (Anti Money Laundering) activity.

  • Karl and Stefan discuss security and privacy from a consumer standpoint – are people correctly distinguishing between the two? What is the level of public awareness of what you are consenting to online and is this a case of the digital divide? They then tackle the topic from an enterprise point of view and discuss their ideas about what it means for business. This week's top 3: Personally experienced privacy and security issues. Follow us on Twitter: @TheRegTechRep

  • In our 10th episode, our hosts discuss digital change – right from the people making the decisions, to full adoption within the greater organisation. Hear more about their personal viewpoints on the 'personas' they have identified and the strategies they have developed to best connect with each. Later in the episode, Karl and Stefan discuss transformation vs adoption, share statistics and volley the reasons why someone says that they can't use cloud in our Top 3 segment.

  • Karl and Randeep Buttar – founder of Compliance as a Service and interim director at HSBC – discuss regulatory fragmentation and its effect on global banks. In the second segment, Karl and Bayley talk about branding and marketing within B2B and RegTech, and how Alyne is preparing for a brand relaunch. Listen in for a different spin on our Top 3!

  • Stefan and Karl discuss the opportunities and limits of automation within compliance and the regulatory environment (and even throw in some science). Then, Karl chats with special guest and new friend, Shiran Weitzman from Shield FC, a cross-regulation compliance platform, operating out of Israel and Denmark. This week's Top 3: The good and bad of business travel.

  • In this episode, Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo and Matthias Danner talk about building a risk culture within an organisation, and the regulations governing it from a software development and technical perspective. How do you engage your people in the process? This week, we bring you the 'Top Three' of the good and bad of Agile methodology.

  • Karl and Stefan discuss automation and artificial intelligence within RegTech: Going from a reactive to a proactive approach. In the second segment, Karl talks to Evgeny Likhoded from ClauseMatch about how the role of compliance has changed with the emergence of new technology, to compliance becoming personal. They discuss why it's imperative now that companies change from the old way of managing compliance and regulation. Get a double dose of the 'Top Three' this episode, with the top three things that founders spend too much time on.

  • In this episode of The RegTech Report, Stefan talks to Maarten Decat from Belgian-based RegTech, Elimity, about Identity and Access Management. In the second segment, Stefan and Karl discuss the fragmented ecosystem of RegTech and the variety of focussed niche solutions within the market. Our third (and favourite) segment - the Top Three - covers the top three signs: ‘You might be a RegTech if…’ (Inspired by a video created by David Bruno - Join Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the two founders of the leading RegTech Alyne, as they talk about the latest developments in the industry, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

  • Learn more about the key lessons Karl and Stefan learned during the first year of Alyne being ISO 27001 certified. In the second segment, they discuss PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) which has been live for over a year. Has the full effect of it been realised? Was it also part of the hype cycle? Or, do we perhaps just not know enough? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Join in the discussion on Twitter: @TheRegTechRep Join Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the two founders of the leading RegTech Alyne, as they talk about the latest developments in the industry, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

  • Karl talks to Manuel Reil, CTO of Alyne, about the key tech drivers that have fuelled the existence of RegTech today. They chat about all things infrastructure, cloud computing, machine learning, and whether there is a magic tech stack combination for SaaS businesses. Stefan continues the conversation with Manuel about the greatest changes in enterprise software development over the last 20 years - as well as a discussion around cyber security and threats. Join Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the two founders of the leading RegTech Alyne, as they talk about the latest developments in the industry, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

  • In this episode, Karl and Stefan discuss what’s happening in RegTech markets around the globe and delve into which countries are playing the greatest role in generating significant funding for their RegTech solution. They also share their thoughts on the hotly debated topic of ‘Is Cyber Security Management, RegTech?’ Listen and find out more. Join Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the two founders of the leading RegTech Alyne, as they talk about the latest developments in the industry, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

  • In the first segment, Karl chats to Bayley - Alyne's Marketing lead - about the reason behind starting a podcast. Karl and Stefan talk about the RegTech landscape - is it a new topic, or is it simply a rebranding of something that's always been there? They discuss how the development of complex enterprise applications and software now requires much less investment than before, fuelling the rise of RegTech solutions. Join Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo, the two founders of the leading RegTech Alyne, as they talk about the latest developments in the industry, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

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Podcast hosts

Karl Viertel
Karl Viertel

Karl is CEO of Alyne. Previously, he was Director of Deloitte Australia, delivering IT Risk Management Projects to the Financial Services Industry.

Stefan Sulistyo
Stefan Sulistyo

Stefan is CCO of Alyne. Previously he was Head of Information Security at Sky Germany and is a Cyber Security and Privacy expert.

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