Operational Resilience

Regtech leverages next-generation technology to make financial institutions more agile, from prevention to response and recovery planning. Find out how Alyne's software as a service can help your organisation achieve greater Operational Resilience.


The Future of Fintech


The ability to successfully build Operational and Cyber Resilience is a critical component of any organisation’s need to respond effectively to crises and adapt strategically to change. Resilient organisations are agile, proactive and collaborative. These qualities are especially crucial in a business environment defined by an increasing interconnectedness of people, businesses, processes and technology— where uncertainty, risks and potential points of disruption have increased and where the accompanying size and nature of its impact are growing.

Regtech gives banks the Operational Resilience they need.  




Alyne's Capabilities

Alyne's RegTech solution is enabling industries to strengthen their operational resilience through a software as a service platform. We pride ourselves on excellence and expertise – being the Mission Control that confidently guides the organisations that we work with. Leveraging next generation technology, Alyne provides financial institutions with extensive capabilities in managing their cyber, governance, risk and compliance processes, empowering businesses to make informed, smart and risk aware decisions in protecting their most valuable assets. 





A six-part series of white papers and two-part webinar series on Operational and Cyber Resilience. Utilising our own experience from developing Alyne’s operational resilience capabilities to introduce six core and interrelated components of operational and cyber Resilience that we believe are essential to the development of a resilient organisation.


Business Continuity Management

Essential steps and success factors for maturing your BCM capabilities

Vendor Governance

Best practices for Vendor Governance and Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Best practices for a digitalised ERM system

Cyber Security & Resilience

Steps to greater cyber resilience leveraging smart technology

Incident and Crisis Management

4 steps to effecting Incident and Crisis Management within your organisation 

Training and Awareness

Essential steps to creating a resilience-focussed workforce


Webinar Part 1 

Covers: BCM, Vendor Governance and Enterprise Risk

Webinar Part 2

Covers: Cyber Resilience,  Incident Management and Training


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