• Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Summary of Changes

    Assessments Hints

    1. Assessments Hints

    Assessment Managers can give hints for their Responders - per control, in all languages, can be inherited via templates.

    Risk history in Reports

    2. Risk history in Reports

    A Report now remembers when a risk was created from it and by whom - great for avoiding duplicates and improving collaboration.

    Refactored Reactions

    3. Refactored Reactions

    We completely overhauled the underlying tech of our Reactions - faster realtime updates and better scalability.

  • Mitigation Task View, Control Set PDFs and super-fast Risk Graphs

    Mitigation Task View

    Summary of Changes

    Mitigation Task View

    1. Mitigation Task View

    The Risk Management comes with a different view: Mitigation Tasks

    Control Set PDFs

    2. Control Set PDFs

    Control Sets can now be exported to nicely formatted PDF.

    Risk Graph

    3. Dagger

    All Risk Graph-related activities in the app are now 50 times faster.

  • New cool Report features and Radars for Responders

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary

    1. Report Updates

    We revamped the most popular Report sections: Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary.

    Implement Control

    2. Implement control mitigation

    We introduce a new mitigation action type: "Implement Control".

    Responder Radar

    3. Responder Radar

    Assessment recipients can view their results in a private radar diagram (if you allow it).

  • October New Features

    The latest feature releases within Alyne this October provide Users with in-app support, multi-currency for Risks, Funnel question hints and more.

  • Report Editing, Advanced Filtering and a New Shiny Button

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    Summary of Changes

    Alyne Report Remove Risks (BYOD program)

    1. Remove Risks from Reports

    Removing Risks from Reports is new feature that includes a documented reason and a history log. Of course you have the ability to reinstate those risks again.

    Alyne Filter Reactions and Comments (removing risks from reports)

    2. Filter by Comments and Reactions

    Last time we introduced Reactions on Controls. You now can filter Controls by Reaction and Comments. You also can filter Assessment Responses by Comments.

    Alyne Hold Button to Delete, filter buttons hold and delete (personal cyber check)

    3. Secure Delete

    "Do you really want to delete...?" is pretty old-fashioned. Instead of a confirmation popup the user presses and holds the button for 2 seconds and releases to execute the delete.

  • Restricted Funnels, Expert Digest and more new features

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    Summary of Changes

    Compliance Summary

    1. Funnel audience

    After our initial release of Funnels - Alyne's risk-driven workflow and categorisation component - we are now adding extended access control. Experts can restrict viewing and using Funnels to selected Alyne users.

    Expert's digest from Stefan to Karl

    2. Expert Digest

    The Expert Digest is a daily or weekly notification email sent to owners of Assessments in case recipients added comments or asked questions to an ongoing Assessment - very handy for keeping track of larger Assessment campaigns with lots of Controls and recipients.

    Expert Digest - control library

    3. Controls Selector Update

    The Controls Selector is the core widget when defining Control Sets and Assessments as it allows you to browse efficiently through the Alyne Controls Library and select the Controls you want to have in your Control Set or Assessment.

  • Risk Tags 2.0 and PDF Reports

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    Summary of Changes

    Risk Tags 2.0

    1. Risk Tags 2.0

    We made the handling of Risk Tags in the Risk Management more powerful and easier to use at the same time.

    PDF Risk Reports

    2. PDF Reports

    Our reports are now also available as a downloadable PDF.

    Scoped Risk Reports

    3. Scoped Reports

    Reports can be limited to a selection of Controls now.

  • Secure File Evidence, Report Status and some comfort enhancements

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    Summary of Changes

    Secure File Evidence (usage of cryptography)

    1. Secure File Evidence

    Proudly, Alyne introduces Secure File Evidence as a top notch way of securely encrypting and storing files as evidence for Assessments and other Alyne features - in one of 12 storage locations (your choice).

    Report Status and Sign-off (supplier report tolerance)

    2. Report Status and Sign-off

    We brought draft, review and sign-off status to Reports including a secure audit log history about the changes made in the Report: who, what, when.

    Topic Sort in Assessments - report status and sign-off

    3. Topic Sort in Assessments

    When setting up the Assessment questions, you might want to have a different sort order for your topics. Here you go.

  • Standards Radar, nicer Funnel statistics and AI translations

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    Summary of Changes

    Deviation Radar on Standards

    1. Deviation Radar on Standards

    Reports now feature a second Deviation Radar. This time it is grouped by Standards.

    Better Funnel Statistics

    2. Better Funnel Statistics

    Viewing Funnel instances now got nicer by slimmer statistics and questions and outcomes popups.

    AI Translations

    3. AI translations on Comments

    As a free and optional feature, you now can have comments translated into your language.