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  • 1000 Free Credits and Further Advancements in the New Release

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    Hi, my name is Manuel and I am the CTO of Alyne. In my first blog post, I will briefly cover the improvements of the new Alyne release for March, 2016. This will be - or so we hope - the start of a long, long series of release posts as we embrace the old-school guiding principle:

    Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers.

    Eric S. Raymond in The Cathedral and the Bazaar
  • Alyne is Alive

    we are live letters on a blue background next to the alyne logo

    It’s been an intensive couple of months filled with lots of hard work, tough discussions, a ridiculous number of Slack messages around the clock and a substantial amount of drinks trying to reach the Ballmer Peak. With the publishing of this article, Alyne is now officially live and ready for business. The developed platform represents not only our current product, but also a foundation for a pipeline full of exciting features and functionality planned for the next months and years.

  • Assessing 50 vendors in three minutes

    assessing 50 vendors in 3 minutes written in white print on a green and blue background

    Are you spending too much time on vendor governance without meaningful results to show for it? Are you stuck figuring out if you are asking the right questions in your self assessments? Watch how you can easily setup an assessment of 50 vendors in real time on Alyne in just three minutes.

  • Custom Controls now available

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    Summary of Changes

    new data lass prevention control from template

    1. Custom Controls

    We are introducing Custom Controls in addition to our Alyne Library. Alyne customers can now edit and copy Controls - to be used in Control Sets and Assessments. This will be extended even more in the upcoming releases.

    Custom Control Statements

    2. A set for Custom Controls

    The new Custom Controls need a home where you can easily manage your customised controls. We built that home for you.

    Fine risk report - custom controls

    3. Edit Report details

    We now allow to edit the Report title and description while we still ensure the integrity of all the underlying core Report data.

  • Funnels - Alyne's new risk-driven workflow module

    overview of new features with different tiles


    Alyne proudly presents its new product module Funnels. Funnels let you categorise Applications, Vendors, Contracts and other objects with a standardised workflow. Based on the outcome of such a funnel run, customisable actions ("Triggers") are launched, e.g. sending email notifications or even automatically launching Alyne assessments to the object owners.

    Use Case Scenarios

    • Information Classification
    • Application Protection Need Assessments
    • Vendor Protection Need Assessments
    • Business Impact Assessments
    • Identification of Commissioned Data Processing ("Auftragsdatenverarbeitung")
    • Privacy Impact Assessment
    • and many more.
  • Introducing Alyne Object Library

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    Alyne has been updated to include a new module: the Object Library.

  • March New Features

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    Summary of Changes

    Assessments Hints

    1. Download a CSV of User data

    Admin Users can now download a CSV containing a list of the Users in their Alyne instance.

    2. Update Object property via Funnel outcome

    Specify that a Funnel outcome will update a particular Object property.

    3. Update Object property via Funnel question

    Specify that an answer to a specific Funnel question will update an Object property.

  • New features for the Report, Excel exports and more

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    Summary of Changes

    Compliance Summary (compliance compared in 2 standards)

    1. New features for the Report

    The Report was extended by a whole new section, the Compliance Summary. This is a very powerful feature that gives you a condensed view about the compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements based on the Assessment outcomes included in the Report. The management summary was re-designed and enriched with features. Report sections are now collapsable.

    new features for the report/export

    2. Excel/ CSV exports

    You can now quickly export all the responses of an assessment for further analysis in Excel, Google Sheets and all other applications that support CSV/ tabular structures. It includes all the details like Assessment objects and deviations that make subsequent data analytics even more fun.

    Control tiles - status of different assessments

    3. New Assessment Recipient status view

    Some of our customers run big assessments, with dozens of recipients. The new tabular view on recipients enables you to track outstanding vs finalised responses better. You can switch between tile and tabular view in a fraction of a second.

  • New features for the Report: Deviation Radar

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    Summary of Changes

    Acutal deviation radar - report with different sections

    Deviation Radar

    The Deviation Radar is a new Report section that lets you quickly scan the deviations by topic and - via drill down - by subtopic. A gorgeous feature.

    Deviation radar overview

    2. Further export functions

    We extended our export capabilities to a status overview of all responders of an assessment and to the objects of one responder. This should cover all your needs while exporting assessments.

    Question mark on a background full of stardust

    3. Upcoming Features

    We are currently working on bigger feature sets that represent completely new modules of the Alyne GRC offering and require our main attention now. Stay tuned, they will be awesome.

  • New Year New Features

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    Summary of Changes

    Assessments Hints

    1. Stacking of Funnel-triggered Assessments

    All Assessments relating to a particular Funnel will be grouped.

    2. Deleting empty Assessments

    Expert Users are now able to clean up empty Assessments.

    3. Additional currencies

    Admin Users can now select from 7 different currencies.

  • November New Features

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    We've been busy at Alyne this November, with updates to Attachments, Funnel Triggers, Incidents, and Risks.

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  • Product Features

  • Reactions, Advanced Search and Improved Speed

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    Summary of Changes

    Alyne Reactions in recovery testing

    1. Reactions

    Reactions are a revolutionary feature that integrates social interactions to the Alyne Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance solution. Get insights which Controls are understood, supported, implemented or even seem to be confusing for your organisation.

    Reactions on Control Sets (Personal Cyber Check)

    2. Reaction Summary

    You get consolidated statistics on reactions per Control Set to get an overview about how many members of your organisation have read, implemented, are supporting your Controls or even are confused with them.

    Advanced search by standards (Recovery testing)

    3. Advanced Search

    Since product launch, the search always has been a powerful feature to filter Control Sets based on keywords. Now we are adding Standards and Regulation to the search.

  • Report Editing, Advanced Filtering and a New Shiny Button

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    Summary of Changes

    Alyne Report Remove Risks (BYOD program)

    1. Remove Risks from Reports

    Removing Risks from Reports is new feature that includes a documented reason and a history log. Of course you have the ability to reinstate those risks again.

    Alyne Filter Reactions and Comments (removing risks from reports)

    2. Filter by Comments and Reactions

    Last time we introduced Reactions on Controls. You now can filter Controls by Reaction and Comments. You also can filter Assessment Responses by Comments.

    Alyne Hold Button to Delete, filter buttons hold and delete (personal cyber check)

    3. Secure Delete

    "Do you really want to delete...?" is pretty old-fashioned. Instead of a confirmation popup the user presses and holds the button for 2 seconds and releases to execute the delete.

  • Restricted Funnels, Expert Digest and more new features

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    Summary of Changes

    Compliance Summary

    1. Funnel audience

    After our initial release of Funnels - Alyne's risk-driven workflow and categorisation component - we are now adding extended access control. Experts can restrict viewing and using Funnels to selected Alyne users.

    Expert's digest from Stefan to Karl

    2. Expert Digest

    The Expert Digest is a daily or weekly notification email sent to owners of Assessments in case recipients added comments or asked questions to an ongoing Assessment - very handy for keeping track of larger Assessment campaigns with lots of Controls and recipients.

    Expert Digest - control library

    3. Controls Selector Update

    The Controls Selector is the core widget when defining Control Sets and Assessments as it allows you to browse efficiently through the Alyne Controls Library and select the Controls you want to have in your Control Set or Assessment.

  • Secure File Evidence, Report Status and some comfort enhancements

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    Summary of Changes

    Secure File Evidence (usage of cryptography)

    1. Secure File Evidence

    Proudly, Alyne introduces Secure File Evidence as a top notch way of securely encrypting and storing files as evidence for Assessments and other Alyne features - in one of 12 storage locations (your choice).

    Report Status and Sign-off (supplier report tolerance)

    2. Report Status and Sign-off

    We brought draft, review and sign-off status to Reports including a secure audit log history about the changes made in the Report: who, what, when.

    Topic Sort in Assessments - report status and sign-off

    3. Topic Sort in Assessments

    When setting up the Assessment questions, you might want to have a different sort order for your topics. Here you go.

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