• Alyne GDPR Starter White Paper

    Our newest white paper will guide you in getting the most out of Alyne as fast as possible to get up to speed with your GDPR requirements.

  • Baseline für internationalen Datenschutz

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    Ist der Datenschutz an allen Standorten ausreichend umgesetzt?

    Baseline für internationalen Datenschutz

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    Mit erhöhtem Fokus auf Datenschutz, kostet Ihnen eine Datenpanne immer mehr Vertrauen und Glaubwürdigkeit bei Ihren Kunden. Datenschutzanforderungen sind weltweit nicht harmonisiert, sodass eine international operierende Organisation vor beachtlichen Herausforderungen bei der Umseztung der Vielzahl von Anforderungen aus den Datenschutzgesetzen steht.

    Alyne bietet Ihnen Anleitung und spezifische Control Statements zur Errichtung und den Betrieb einer rechtlichen Anforderungen entsprechenden Datenschutzorganisation. Zudem können Sie leicht Ihre aktuelle Organisation bewerten und vergleichen. Die Alyne Bibliothek deckt Datenschutzanforderungen aus Kernmärkten wie der EU, Deutschland, Großbritannien, Finnland und Australien ab und umfasst Themen wie Meldungen von Datenpannen und die Auftragsdatenverarbeitung. Bauen Sie eine international stabile Datenschutz-Baseline und generieren Sie eine Datenschutzrichtlinie innerhalb von Minuten.


    Datenschutz Baseline International

  • Cambridge Analytica / Facebook Scandal - How Might GDPR Apply?

    Cambridge Analytica's alleged misuse of Facebook users' data is the perfect example of conduct that will not be tolerated under the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on 25 May. Make sure your organisation does not fall foul of GDPR.

  • Getting Started with GDPR

    Alyne provides a powerful and pragmatic capability to enable you to meet your obligations under the new European Data Privacy regulation GDPR. This guide will assist you in getting started in just a few simple steps.

  • International Data Privacy Baseline

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    Are you doing enough for data privacy in all locations of operation?

    International Data Privacy Baseline

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    With privacy concerns moving more into the spotlight in many major markets, getting data privacy wrong will cost you more trust and credibility with your customers. Data privacy requirements are not aligned globally, making operating in multiple jurisdictions an expensive and challenging task from a privacy perspective.

    Alyne provides guidance and controls for building and maintaining a mature and compliant privacy organisation and enables you to easily assess and benchmark maturity. The Alyne library covers key privacy legislation such as legal requirements in the EU, Germany, UK, Finland and Australia and includes topics such as breach notification and external data processing controls. Alyne allows you to build an internationally stable privacy baseline and generate a privacy policy within minutes.


    Privacy Baseline International

  • Practical advice for implementing the General Data Protection Regulation

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    The GDPR was passed in Spring 2016 and must be fully implemented until the 25th May 2018. It is time to start that project. What are the hurdles that you’ll have to tackle?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new EU-wide directive for regulating data protection. The policy replaces the existing EU regulations as well as the different national regulating laws. It is no longer necessary for the EU member states to introduce their own regulation implementation (of course they can still implement further measures in some areas).

  • Stay Nimble in Managing Risk and Compliance

    Here are Alyne’s top 5 tips for small and medium financial services businesses dealing with increased risk and compliance challenges in their organisational growth.