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  • Alyne Proof of Concept White Paper

    Learning as much as you can before starting a Proof of Concept is a great always and asset, so we have taken our previous blog article and created a short white paper.

  • Funky upgrades to Risk Management

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Segmente Risk Tags

    1. Segmented Risk Tags

    Alyne introduces segmented risk tags that allow enterprises fine-granular ways to categorise their risks, restrict access control and enable hierarchical risk reporting and governance.

    Risk Management upgrades

    2. Risk Management upgrades

    Risk trends, risk heatmaps and risk exports are truly a cool bunch of new features in our current pro offering.

    Tech check

    3. Tech Check

    At the login page a tech check brings technical issues to your attention that need to be resolved for the best Alyne experience.

  • Single sign on, more speed and power features

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Single Sign On

    1. Single Sign On

    Alyne now supports enterprise single sign on and authentication via Active Directory, Google G-Suite, Office 365 and others.

    Controls from scratch

    2. Speed

    We tuned our web interface and give you the fastest Alyne user experience ever.

    Archive Assessments

    3. Power User Features

    For our power users, we hide our templates initially and allow creating from templates as well as archiving of Assessments with one click.

  • Successful Proof of Concepts with Alyne

    There are a number of ways to learn more about Alyne and understand how Alyne can support your business. The first step is often a free trial launched from our web page or a Proof of Concept project.