operational risk

  • Fighting Bias in Risk Management

    Why we struggle to evaluate risk in life and business.

  • Quantifying Operational Risk

    operational risk management with three gear-wheels on green background

    Quantifying operational risk is not an easy task - especially without a methodical approach. Poor measurement is getting increasingly expensive for many organisations, so we would like to discuss solutions using integrated risk management. 

  • Risk Management to the rescue

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Secure File Evidence - risk exposure

    1. Risk Management

    Risk Management is our new module that makes the Alyne platform ready for a full-blown GRC journey.

    Task Management

    2. Task Manangement

    Alyne's Risk Management module is tightly coupled with the new Task Management that is the new general vehicle for managing action plans and task delegation.

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    3. Secure Files everywhere

    We took our top notch Secure Evidence technology for Assessments and make it available to all the other features at Alyne.