• Realtime notifications

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Realtime notifications

    1. Realtime Notifications

    You are now informed in realtime about events in your Assessments.

    Assessment activity feeds

    2. Activity Streams

    Each Assessment shows chronological list of its activities which is updated in realtime.

    New User Menu

    3. New User Menu

    We ship a new user menu that gives the all the current options and the notifications a new home.

  • Task Notifications, Funnel Pie Charts and More

    Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Summary of Changes

    1. Reactions for Control Sets

    Alyne users can now add reactions to Control Sets (in addition to individual Controls), allowing customers to engage with members of their organisation more effectively.

    2. Task Notifications & CSVs

    Alyne users are now notified when Tasks are delegated or completed, giving customers better oversight over their organisation, including the organisation's risk management activities. Also, Risk Mitigation Tasks may now be downloaded as a CSV file.

    3. Funnel Pie Charts

    Funnel outcomes can now be presented in a pie chart, allowing users to get a quick visual snapshot of outcomes for active Funnels.