• Translating laws into action - Alyne’s Secret Sauce

    several red pepperonis assembled - Alyne's secret sauce

    In the development of Alyne we put a lot of thought into how to make rules, their implementation and measurement of maturity smarter and easier to grasp.

  • What can you learn about Governance and Risk Management from Game of Thrones?

    Huge dragon head lying on the beach

    If you’re not a total recluse, you might have heard about this show called Game of Thrones, a.k.a. building up loyal lovable characters over complex, multi-year story arcs only to have them brutally slaughtered, burned, or decapitated without any warning.

  • What is GRC?

    In today’s business world depending on the industry, you will come into contact more and more with the term GRC or “Governance Risk Compliance”. In certain circles this has come to be almost a kind of new management philosophy, that fills the whole working day of entire departments.

    We will launch an article series on this blog examining the various facets of IT security, Risk Management practices and the governance thereof and how they are currently applied within various organisations. During this examination, we hope that the esteemed reader will be able to recognise cases, pitfalls, and successes from their own areas of influence and take some value out of this content, to apply to their future endeavors in this topic.

  • Why is change so hard?

    This is a question I am confronted with almost everyday and a challenge that I need to meet when convincing new customers of Alyne: Why is change so hard?