• 12 Actionable Cyber Security Tips for FinTech companies

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    Some FinTechs have become so successful over the recent months that they are challenging some of the world’s oldest major banks and insurances in revenue and market cap. Where no FinTech can compete, however, is on a track record of trust that dates back centuries, as in the case of some banks. When your entire business model is dealing with intangible assets, the trust of your customers and counterparties remains the only true currency you have. Today’s cyber security capability is yesterday’s bank vault.

    Unfortunately, there are more than enough recent examples of digital companies, including prominent FinTechs such as Kreditech, being brought down by cyber security events, hacks or compliance failures. In light of seemingly overpowering, anonymous and omnipresent cyber criminals, a young FinTech organisation might despair. At second glance however, the majority of cyber attacks have not been complex. In most cases, the attacks were either through social engineering or exploiting very basic weaknesses or a combination of both.

  • 5 Promises a RegTech Company needs to keep to be relevant in 2016

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    2016 has arrived and if we are to believe the talking heads on blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is the year FinTech companies will continue to dismantle and replace banks and the RegTech force awakens.

    My prediction is that RegTech developments will certainly be closely watched by like-minded entrepreneurs, B2B focussed investors and regulated companies. The open question remains, who will actually emerge as relevant in the RegTech space in 2016 and why. I believe there are five promises a relevant RegTech company will have to keep in order to justify the current attention in this area.

  • 8 neue Anforderungen für CIO und CISO aus der MaRisk-Novelle 2016

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    Vor wenigen Wochen, im Februar 2016, wurde ein Entwurf für die Novelle der Mindestanforderungen an das Risikomanagement (MaRisk) durch die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) ausgegeben. Sollte der aktuelle Entwurf zur Konsultation so verabschiedet werden, würde dies sicherlich eines der größten regulatorischen Änderungen im deutschen Bankenwesen der letzten Jahre darstellen.

    Wie bei jeder neuen regulatorischen Anforderung, müssen verantwortliche Personen in den jeweiligen Fachabteilungen analysieren, welche Bedeutung die neuen Anforderungen für ihre Verantwortungsbereiche haben und welche Maßnahmen zur Umsetzung notwendig sind.

    Bei Alyne haben wir diesen Schritt schon einmal vorab für die Verantwortlichen von IT (CIO) und IT-Sicherheit (CISO) in Banken durchgeführt und haben 8 wesentliche Änderungen für diese Bereiche identifiziert.

  • Alyne is a finalist at the Credit & Collection Technology Awards 2018

    Alyne has been shortlisted as a Compliance & Regulatory Technology Solution finalist for the Credit & Collection Technology Awards 2018.

  • FinTecSystems leverages Alyne for PSD2 License

    FinTecSystems are leveraging Alyne’s Software as a Service to prepare for their license under the new Payment Service Directive (PSD2). FinTecSystems' Legal and Compliance team is taking advantage of the out of the box content to document and improve practices in key areas such as Operational Risk Management, Cyber Security Management, Business Continuity Management and Data Protection.

  • Join Alyne at the UK-Poland Business, Trade and Investment Forum in Warsaw - 25th of May 2018

    Alyne will participate at the UK-Poland Business, Trade and Investment Forum in Warsaw on the 25th of May 2018.

  • Join Alyne at the xCEEd Conference 2018 in Belgrade

    Alyne has been selected as part of the DIT Trade mission to Belgrade, Serbia - to be part of the xCEEd Conference.

  • Library Update: BAIT

    The Alyne library has just been updated with new content to meet the requirements published by the German Financial Regulator BaFin for governing IT in regulated banks known as BAIT

  • Library Update: MaRisk

    The Alyne library has just been updated with new content to cover theMaRiskin the areas of IT Governance and Security 09/2017.

  • Library Update: PSD2

    The Alyne library has just been updated with new content to help banks and FinTechs meet the requirements ofon the Security Measures for Operational and Security Risks of Payment Services as stated in Article 95 (3) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 on payment services in the European Union (PSD2).

  • Our Awards, Mentions, Appearances and Guest Postings

    Here a collection of our awards, mentions, conference appearances and guest postings.

  • Our Awards, Mentions, Appearances and Guest Postings

    Here is a collection of our awards, mentions, conference appearances and guest postings of 2018.

  • Our Awards, Mentions, Appearances and Guest Postings 2018

    Here is a collection of our awards, mentions, conference appearances and guest postings of 2018.

  • RegTech will disrupt Regulatory Compliance in unexpected ways

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    There is a new buzzword rocking the financial services industry: RegTech.

    According to the easy algorithm of combining a short form of an industry to be disrupted with the suffix “-Tech”, RegTech stands for “Regulation Technology”. To explain it, we have to make a little excursion to last week’s hot topic in the form of FinTech (Financial Technology).

  • Supporting the development and adoption of RegTech

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    This text was submitted as an answer to the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s Call for Input on Regtech. We’re publishing it also here on our blog to foster wider discussion.

    Based on our extensive experience in this field, we have been discussing several RegTech-related ideas here at Alyne (further thinking on this in our blog).

    In the tradition of other “-Techs” (such as “FinTech”), we understand RegTech as digitisation of regulatory compliance processes. Digitisation is of course a buzzword itself, but it helps to frame it more in the context of automation. In other industries and topic areas, it is envisioned to completely substitute manual processes at some point or at least augment human capabilities and capacity to rapidly scale and leverage the output of manual processes.

  • We're on G-Cloud 10

    Alyne has been awarded the G-Cloud 10 supplier status.