• Bridging the Digital Divide

    How to best manage the difference between the tech-savvy and the tech-not-so-savvy in business.

  • Can Risk Management and Compliance be digitalized?

    A typewriter and an old printer on a street next to a park

    Digitalization is a seemingly new buzz word on the agenda in many organizations as well as in pitch decks of savvy consultants. It describes the introduction of digital technology to an organizational process to make existing activities more effective or deliver a new service to the organization. Avoiding manual steps, human intervention and any unnecessary interfaces are commonly a focus point. Over the past decades, the term has been used in various contexts, from actually transforming physical processes like type setting to digital printing or using computer aided design instead of pencil and paper. However, in today’s practice, businesses usually mean leveraging X-as-a-Service offerings to apply flexible and scalable technology to optimize a specific business outcome when talking about digitalization.

  • Corporate Innovation: How we can fix what is broken

    As a growing startup we engage with innovation and digital teams from many different organisations around the world. This gives us a unique insight into the current challenges and trends in corporate innovation management and digitalisation teams across industries.

  • Cyber Insurance Underwriting Use Case

    hand that writes something in a notebook

    Cyber Insurance is the fastest growing insurance product on the market today and Alyne has an amazing offering to scale the underwriting process. We created this use case video to demonstrate our value contribution.

  • Library Update - Innovation Management

    We have recently released a new set of Controls relating to Innovation Management in the Alyne Content Library. Users can leverage Alyne’s existing capabilities to set up an internal control system to drive and manage innovation within an organisation, with just a few clicks.

  • Vendor Governance Use Case

    vendor governance logo with small white shops and one red one

    Vendor Risk is one of the strongest contributors to operational risk. Poorly setup, it can be incredibly expensive and produce poor results. Alyne provides a powerful value proposition demonstrated in this use case video.