• Assessing 50 vendors in three minutes

    assessing 50 vendors in 3 minutes written in white print on a green and blue background

    Are you spending too much time on vendor governance without meaningful results to show for it? Are you stuck figuring out if you are asking the right questions in your self assessments? Watch how you can easily setup an assessment of 50 vendors in real time on Alyne in just three minutes.

  • Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Summary of Changes

    Assessments Hints

    1. Assessments Hints

    Assessment Managers can give hints for their Responders - per control, in all languages, can be inherited via templates.

    Risk history in Reports

    2. Risk history in Reports

    A Report now remembers when a risk was created from it and by whom - great for avoiding duplicates and improving collaboration.

    Refactored Reactions

    3. Refactored Reactions

    We completely overhauled the underlying tech of our Reactions - faster realtime updates and better scalability.

  • Cooler Risk Tags, Task notifications and more

    Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Summary of Changes

    Risk Tag Updates

    1. Risk Tag Updates

    Many updates and improvements for the handling for Risk Tags in the Alyne Risk Management.

    Controls by Standard

    2. Controls by Standard

    Control Sets and Assessments are now displayed either by Topic or by Standard/ Regulation.

    Task Notifications

    3. Task Notifications

    We introduce automatic reminders for due tasks - if you want.

  • Doing Risk Assessments Right

    Multi-coloured measuring tape

    Most organisations follow a sample based approach to identifying risk or gaining assurance for reasons of cost and practicality. Risk Assessments are already widely used and accepted as a method for risk identification and assurance and can be an extremely powerful and cost effective tool when done right and an utterly useless tool if done wrong. Consider the global practice of filing tax returns as a highly effective way of getting billions of people to declare their income and deductibles through a self assessment process. The previous Safe Harbor scheme, on the other hand, is an example of applying self assessments without any controls or meaningful oversight and using self assessments very poorly.

  • Funky upgrades to Risk Management

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Segmente Risk Tags

    1. Segmented Risk Tags

    Alyne introduces segmented risk tags that allow enterprises fine-granular ways to categorise their risks, restrict access control and enable hierarchical risk reporting and governance.

    Risk Management upgrades

    2. Risk Management upgrades

    Risk trends, risk heatmaps and risk exports are truly a cool bunch of new features in our current pro offering.

    Tech check

    3. Tech Check

    At the login page a tech check brings technical issues to your attention that need to be resolved for the best Alyne experience.

  • Implementing Successful Vendor Governance

    vendor governance logo with small white shops and one red one

    At Alyne we've put a lot of thought into how successful Vendor Governance can be setup and what aspects should be included in vendor assurance.

  • Make Assessments flexible again!

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    Summary of Changes

    editing assessments

    1. Add Assessment Recipients

    For running or even closed Assessments you can add new recipients and Assessment Objects.

    Controls from scratch

    2. Controls from scratch

    If you want to cover Controls outside of our Cyber Security, Data Privacy and IT Risk space, you can now create Controls from scratch using our well known Controls editor.

    Euro, pound and dollar - displayed currencies symbol

    3. Currencies

    Alyne now supports 3 currencies: Euro, British Pound and Dollar - whatever Dollar.

  • Mitigation Task View, Control Set PDFs and super-fast Risk Graphs

    Mitigation Task View

    Summary of Changes

    Mitigation Task View

    1. Mitigation Task View

    The Risk Management comes with a different view: Mitigation Tasks

    Control Set PDFs

    2. Control Set PDFs

    Control Sets can now be exported to nicely formatted PDF.

    Risk Graph

    3. Dagger

    All Risk Graph-related activities in the app are now 50 times faster.

  • Multi Factor Authentication and Funnel Updates

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Multi Factor Authentication

    1. Multi Factor Authentication

    A second factor for authentication protects your Alyne organisation from a wide range of attacks.

    High Score Evaluation for Funnels

    2. High Score Evaluation for Funnels

    We added a second evaluation method for Funnels: High Score. It's a brother to the existing Weighted Answers method.

    Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs

    3. Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs

    We introduce a very cool visualisation of the Funnel runs you took.

  • New cool Report features and Radars for Responders

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    Summary of Changes

    Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary

    1. Report Updates

    We revamped the most popular Report sections: Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary.

    Implement Control

    2. Implement control mitigation

    We introduce a new mitigation action type: "Implement Control".

    Responder Radar

    3. Responder Radar

    Assessment recipients can view their results in a private radar diagram (if you allow it).

  • New Year New Features

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    Summary of Changes

    Assessments Hints

    1. Stacking of Funnel-triggered Assessments

    All Assessments relating to a particular Funnel will be grouped.

    2. Deleting empty Assessments

    Expert Users are now able to clean up empty Assessments.

    3. Additional currencies

    Admin Users can now select from 7 different currencies.

  • Realtime notifications

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Realtime notifications

    1. Realtime Notifications

    You are now informed in realtime about events in your Assessments.

    Assessment activity feeds

    2. Activity Streams

    Each Assessment shows chronological list of its activities which is updated in realtime.

    New User Menu

    3. New User Menu

    We ship a new user menu that gives the all the current options and the notifications a new home.

  • Risk Tags 2.0 and PDF Reports

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Risk Tags 2.0

    1. Risk Tags 2.0

    We made the handling of Risk Tags in the Risk Management more powerful and easier to use at the same time.

    PDF Risk Reports

    2. PDF Reports

    Our reports are now also available as a downloadable PDF.

    Scoped Risk Reports

    3. Scoped Reports

    Reports can be limited to a selection of Controls now.

  • Secure File Evidence, Report Status and some comfort enhancements

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Secure File Evidence (usage of cryptography)

    1. Secure File Evidence

    Proudly, Alyne introduces Secure File Evidence as a top notch way of securely encrypting and storing files as evidence for Assessments and other Alyne features - in one of 12 storage locations (your choice).

    Report Status and Sign-off (supplier report tolerance)

    2. Report Status and Sign-off

    We brought draft, review and sign-off status to Reports including a secure audit log history about the changes made in the Report: who, what, when.

    Topic Sort in Assessments - report status and sign-off

    3. Topic Sort in Assessments

    When setting up the Assessment questions, you might want to have a different sort order for your topics. Here you go.

  • September New Features

    The latest feature releases within Alyne this September enable Users to delegate Assessments, archive Funnels, view the change history for Risks and more.

  • Single sign on, more speed and power features

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Single Sign On

    1. Single Sign On

    Alyne now supports enterprise single sign on and authentication via Active Directory, Google G-Suite, Office 365 and others.

    Controls from scratch

    2. Speed

    We tuned our web interface and give you the fastest Alyne user experience ever.

    Archive Assessments

    3. Power User Features

    For our power users, we hide our templates initially and allow creating from templates as well as archiving of Assessments with one click.

  • Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

    Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

    Summary of Changes

    Sorted Radar Diagram

    1.... and again improved Radars

    Responder Radars now feature the standards radar. All Radars are sorted alphabetically now.

    Realtime Access Control

    2. Realtime Access Control

    Removing a user or changing the user type is enforced in realtime.

    Configurable Session Timeout

    3. Configurable Session Timeout

    Admins of an Alyne org can configure the inactivity timeout individually.

  • Standards Radar, nicer Funnel statistics and AI translations

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Deviation Radar on Standards

    1. Deviation Radar on Standards

    Reports now feature a second Deviation Radar. This time it is grouped by Standards.

    Better Funnel Statistics

    2. Better Funnel Statistics

    Viewing Funnel instances now got nicer by slimmer statistics and questions and outcomes popups.

    AI Translations

    3. AI translations on Comments

    As a free and optional feature, you now can have comments translated into your language.

  • Task Notifications, Funnel Pie Charts and More

    Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

    Summary of Changes

    1. Reactions for Control Sets

    Alyne users can now add reactions to Control Sets (in addition to individual Controls), allowing customers to engage with members of their organisation more effectively.

    2. Task Notifications & CSVs

    Alyne users are now notified when Tasks are delegated or completed, giving customers better oversight over their organisation, including the organisation's risk management activities. Also, Risk Mitigation Tasks may now be downloaded as a CSV file.

    3. Funnel Pie Charts

    Funnel outcomes can now be presented in a pie chart, allowing users to get a quick visual snapshot of outcomes for active Funnels.

  • Translating laws into action - Alyne’s Secret Sauce

    several red pepperonis assembled - Alyne's secret sauce

    In the development of Alyne we put a lot of thought into how to make rules, their implementation and measurement of maturity smarter and easier to grasp.