access control

  • June New Features

    We've had a busy lead up the middle of the year, with the release of a number of useful new features. Users can now change the Owner of a Control Set, allocate alternative Control IDs, disable Comments, format Control Set and Assessment descriptions, create private records by default, and hide navigation bar icons.

  • Real-time, baby! But in control.

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

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    1. Real-time

    Alyne real-time technology updates the screen within a second or less whenever you collaborate with colleagues.

    cryptography access control

    2. Access Control

    Read and write access rights on Control Sets, Assessments, Controls and Reports enable fine-grained access control policies in your organisation.

    Risk Archive

    3. Risk Archive

    Risk Management now supports archiving of Risks and even Risk Tags.

  • Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

    Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

    Summary of Changes

    Sorted Radar Diagram

    1.... and again improved Radars

    Responder Radars now feature the standards radar. All Radars are sorted alphabetically now.

    Realtime Access Control

    2. Realtime Access Control

    Removing a user or changing the user type is enforced in realtime.

    Configurable Session Timeout

    3. Configurable Session Timeout

    Admins of an Alyne org can configure the inactivity timeout individually.