• Funnels - Alyne's new risk-driven workflow module

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    Alyne proudly presents its new product module Funnels. Funnels let you categorise Applications, Vendors, Contracts and other objects with a standardised workflow. Based on the outcome of such a funnel run, customisable actions ("Triggers") are launched, e.g. sending email notifications or even automatically launching Alyne assessments to the object owners.

    Use Case Scenarios

    • Information Classification
    • Application Protection Need Assessments
    • Vendor Protection Need Assessments
    • Business Impact Assessments
    • Identification of Commissioned Data Processing ("Auftragsdatenverarbeitung")
    • Privacy Impact Assessment
    • and many more.
  • Restricted Funnels, Expert Digest and more new features

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    Summary of Changes

    Compliance Summary

    1. Funnel audience

    After our initial release of Funnels - Alyne's risk-driven workflow and categorisation component - we are now adding extended access control. Experts can restrict viewing and using Funnels to selected Alyne users.

    Expert's digest from Stefan to Karl

    2. Expert Digest

    The Expert Digest is a daily or weekly notification email sent to owners of Assessments in case recipients added comments or asked questions to an ongoing Assessment - very handy for keeping track of larger Assessment campaigns with lots of Controls and recipients.

    Expert Digest - control library

    3. Controls Selector Update

    The Controls Selector is the core widget when defining Control Sets and Assessments as it allows you to browse efficiently through the Alyne Controls Library and select the Controls you want to have in your Control Set or Assessment.

  • Risk Management to the rescue

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Secure File Evidence - risk exposure

    1. Risk Management

    Risk Management is our new module that makes the Alyne platform ready for a full-blown GRC journey.

    Task Management

    2. Task Manangement

    Alyne's Risk Management module is tightly coupled with the new Task Management that is the new general vehicle for managing action plans and task delegation.

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    3. Secure Files everywhere

    We took our top notch Secure Evidence technology for Assessments and make it available to all the other features at Alyne.