Customer Case Study - LEDVANCE

Customer Case Study with LEDVANCE, a leading supplier of innovative lighting products pursues the group's modern overall strategy by implementing Alyne, a cloud-based risk management solution. 



"Considering the same number of users, a cost reduction of 50% can be observed,  compared to the previously used system.”

- An interview with Hans-Ulrich Hujer, Chief Audit Executive at LEDVANCE.

After LEDVANCE was acquired, the group was faced with the challenge of adopting the old risk management system of the OSRAM Group or finding a new, suitable and more compact solution for the group. The interface should be easy to use for all employees worldwide and fit into the modern overall strategy of the LEDVANCE Group through a cloud solution. The most important function of the new risk management system was to ensure that both the certification workflow process and risk management are recorded in a system that meets all risk management requirements that the LEDVANCE Group must implement. With Alyne, LEDVANCE has found a solution that covers it all, reduced the costs by 50% compared to the previously used system of the OSRAM Group with the same number of users, and manages the worldwide administration, the system of the whole Group, with only half of one employee's working time.

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Myriam Huber

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