The Business Value of Process Automation with Alyne Library

The Alyne Library provides business leaders with tangible business value by automating processes that generate deep insights into the often complex compliance process. In this article, Co-Founder and CFO of Alyne, Matthias Danner, summarises the 3 key benefits that the Alyne Library delivers, from policy to value.

The Alyne Library provides your organisation with valuable insights to be actioned

The Alyne Library helps business leaders to gain valuable understanding and guidance into the often complex compliance process. The deep insights generated through the Alyne Library enable decision-makers to more clearly digest and take action on the information at hand.

Leveraging Alyne's Library – the foundation of our platform – business leaders are able to:

  1. Efficiently understand regulatory and compliance best practices, without having to invest the time to understand compliance jargons, or hire expensive consultants
  2. Reduce Time-to-Value (TTV) through expertly pre-defined content and templates
  3. Gain deep risk insights with built-in content and Assessments, paired with a powerful risk library

Addressing the "so what?" 

Alyne's software enables collaboration across the entire business, leveraging all knowledge and expertise in every functional area to ensure that risk and standard compliance analysis is comprehensive, with reference to your organisational profile.

Through scalable Assessments, answers are derived from potentially 100s of assessment responders. The Alyne Library automates risk and compliance analysis to defined standards, and instantly presents teams with the business-related impact, generated from Assessment results.

From Policy to Value: What are the 3 benefits that the Alyne Library delivers?

The Alyne Content Library summarises and interprets lengthy and complex standards, laws and regulations to provide the compact, summarised content, controls and assessments that organisations need to perform, in order to remain compliant and manage big-picture risks. 

1. Documents Library

Alyne's Documents feature provides an easy, convenient and maintainable way of integrating policy documents into the Alyne platform. In recent months, our product team has enhanced this functionality with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability that it offers users a way to automatically get suggestions of controls from either their own, or from Alyne’s control framework, by matching selected paragraphs of text. This enables users to quickly create a control mapping for entire policy or regulatory documents.

Intuitively identifying necessary policy statements leveraging Alyne's Documents Mapping

Alyne's intelligent control-matching allows users to seamlessly leverage the NLP function to relate their control frameworks with requirements from original regulation, identifying coverage gaps on the way, and to easily close gaps through the creation of additional control statements directly within the platform. Using Alyne Document Mapping feature, users can create custom controls frameworks – or build them on top of Alyne’s existing Library content – to make them specific to their organisation's' needs. 

Learn more about Alyne's Documents Functionality here.

Alyne's Control Framework Library 

The rich content injected into all of Alyne's Controls comes with a powerful built-in risk framework that acts as a valueable guide for management decisions, in accordance with their priorities – such as cost. Alyne's product team and software developers have been driving new product features, like Continuous Controls, which allows our users to continuously track maturity gaps and framework deviations over time.

Leveraging our Control Framework Library to meet modern Information Security Management needs

If a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is looking to meet cyber security regulations, measure current maturity level and visualise potential risks, Alyne's Controls Framework Library simplifies and streamlines the process, enabling them to set up and run cyber maturity assessments in minutes, as opposed to days or even weeks.

Through Alyne's highly scalable assessments function, a CISO can easily create an unparalleled degree of risk transparency, as the questions answered within the Assessments will instantly provide a summary of overall risk exposure and standards compliance analysis, in just a few clicks.

Learn more about Alyne's Continuous Controls Functionality.

Alyne's Standards Mapping

Inside Alyne's Engine Room, we offer more than 1500+ ready-to-use Controls which cover over 60 standards, laws and regulations, linked to a Library of over 1,000 interconnected risks.

Alyne's technology is built with the main objective to automate manual labour-intensive governance, risk and compliance processes, provide detailed insight into the organisation’s risk profile and offer guidance to the most effective and efficient mitigating measures. Hence, the standards mapping offered within our application strategically creates a set of Control Statements to address multiple specific purposes, in a simple and harmonised language.

Streamlining your compliance requirements with Alyne's fully digital platform

Alyne's Standard Mapping covers a wide range of global standards, regulations and laws, all within a single platform. Adopting a strategic mapping process that addresses multiple requirements at once, Alyne empowers business leaders to gain efficiency through performing a single assessment and evaluating compliance against multiple regulations or standards.

The mapping of over 60 standards available within Alyne shortens compliance processes and provides clarity, helping to reduce current internal efforts and resources being spent on cyber security, compliance and risk management processes across the organisation.

Learn more about the standards, laws and regulations mapped within the platform.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about the extended functionality of Alyne. 

Written in collaboration by Matthias Danner  (Co-Founder and CFO of Alyne) and Eunice Cheah (Marketing Associate).


Matthias Danner

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