The Alyne Team: The Central Pillar of Our Organisation

Effective Human Resource management establishes and cultivates a positive work culture and environment. In this blog article, we will be addressing one of the core functions of HR activities: establishing a common company culture, within a multicultural workspace.

The Central Pillar of Any Organisation

Globalisation has served as an accelerant, bringing people of all cultures together. In fact, it has shaped the multicultural identity of many organisations. In the current global business reality, an organisation would more likely be at its tipping point if it is resistant to embrace diversity. This is simply due to the fact that having an inclusive workspace can open doors to many opportunities.

In every multicultural organisation, the HR manager plays a key role in ensuring that everyone, no matter the cultural background, works harmoniously together. More importantly, a successful HR manager is one who strives to create a common company culture, despite background differences. This happens in order that the working environment allows professionals to acquire a greater level of knowledge that will help them outperform their current capacities and expand the business internationally.

What Does It Mean for Management?

Despite the pandemic, this past year Myriam Huber, Alyne's Head of Human Resources, has virtually onboarded more employees than ever. In fact, as of May 2021, Alyne offices globally are supported by members from 17 different nationalities.

Looking ahead, Myriam hopes to share her perspective on how Alyne manages employee onboarding, tracking and engagement, and ultimately help build a strong company culture in unison, all while supporting diversity at work.

The Emergence of a Unique Alyne Culture

The fundamental idea of driving a multicultural organisation is understanding that every team member is unique, yet at Alyne, we all share more similarities than differences. Therefore, it is not difficult at all for us to cultivate a unique, common Alyne culture.

The concept of a common company culture, especially in cross-cultural management, requires a certain level of awareness regarding the different expectations and traits of people from different nationalities. At Alyne, we embrace inclusivity and entrepreneurship as we do not limit the potential or development of our employees.

From day 1, the Alyne Founders made the conscious decision to adopt English as our primary, common company language. This is unique for a German start-up, but we firmly believe that adopting a global language, such as English, would encourage an inclusive workspace and not limit Alyne’s growth potential.

Benefits of Having a Multicultural Organisation

Having an organisation that embraces diversity can provide a myriad of tangible benefits that can place companies ahead of competitors. In 2021, Alyne has recruited employees from diverse nationalities, backgrounds and experiences to join the team and start working with us.

In fact, here are some of the benefits we have experienced from having an inclusive organisation:

1. Alignment with an Increasingly Global Workforce

Having a diverse and multicultural workplace supports our process of recruiting new employees for Alyne offices all over the world. It reflects our expansion plans and our belief that business happens across countries and cultures. In fact, the ability to communicate and connect globally is the key to business success.

“One of the main reasons that makes working in Alyne so much fun is the incredible diversity of international team members we have in our office. I think it offers a window into other cultures and ideas, allowing exposure to new perspectives. Everyone has big respect and curiosity for all the cultural and personal differences between us. Our founders are big supporters of diversity, which can be exemplified with their love for wine, biryani or beer.

P.S: We get the best food recommendations and / or vacation getaways.”

Moiz Ahamed - India
Alyne Cyber Risk Manager
Moiz is currently working from Alyne Germany.

2. Fosters a Conducive Working Environment That Enables Individual Potential

"Alyne is not only a place to work, but also a place where I meet my friends. Being in an office that embraces diversity definitely promotes a positive work environment. People make the company culture and here you can honestly find the most interesting, inspiring and fun people. I can always count on my colleagues, not just for work-related matters. It’s the perfect place to challenge yourself, improve or develop skills, and keep a good work-life balance."

Ewelina Gromada - Poland
Alyne Software Developer
Ewelina is currently working from Alyne Germany.

3. Better Service for Customers and Partners  

"We come from many different cultures and backgrounds which helps us incorporate all of those experiences into our company and product. Ultimately, making our services better. Working in an inclusive environment, improves our ability to respond to customers. I enjoy being part of a multicultural team as I learn to see things from different perspectives. For me, it leads to a broader level of thinking which also has positive effects on work-related projects. Exposure to different cultures encourages continuous learning and helps team members to become more knowledgeable and aware of different realities. Also, shared knowledge leads to growth and scaled, individual and organisational, progress over time. On a personal level, it is interesting to learn more about different cultures and it breaks up the day, especially when many of us are working remotely and it is much easier to get caught up in the daily routine of remote work life."

Alexander Lautenschlaeger - Germany
Alyne Senior Sales Representative
Alexander is currently supporting the Alyne team in North America.

Interested in joining the Alyne team? Take a look at our global job openings here.

Written in collaboration by Eunice Cheah (Marketing Associate) and Myriam Huber (Head of HR).
Myriam Huber

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