Monitoring Your Internal Controls and Compliance Processes with Alyne

If your organisation is still reliant on manual Internal Controls and Compliance processes, chances are information is segmented and your tasks are not as integrated as they should be. These approaches usually prevent internal stakeholders across various functions from working together seamlessly. This article summarises Alyne’s 3 flagship modules that can help you to build a sound Control Framework and effective Compliance management.

Drive your Internal Controls & Compliance Processes with Alyne's 3 Flagship Modules 

With the cost and complexity of delivering Internal Controls processes and Compliance tasks through manual approaches, organisations are no longer finding these systems viable, user-friendly, nor scalable as their business grows. In addition, the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements have necessitated business to allocate more resources to compliance efforts, thereby considerably reducing the organisation’s investments in other high value-added areas. In this article, we will be explaining how Alyne’s 3 flagship modules can help you to consolidate your resources into developing a sound Control Framework and effective Compliance management.

Alyne's Controls as a Service

Alyne’s “Controls as a Service” gives you instant access to our extensive Control Library of over 1250 Controls that are regularly reviewed and updated. It has never been easier to either use our predefined Control Sets to ensure both global regulatory compliance and high levels of maturity within your critical business processes and programs, or create your own Control Sets on the fly for any business function. 

The benefits are summarised below:

  1. Sound Control Framework
    Today’s heightened regulatory environment coupled with the reality that information is now distributed instantly across the digital landscape makes it imperative that organisations have sound Control Frameworks specially customised to their organisational structure. With Alyne’s comprehensive Control Library, you can easily build a customised Control Framework and run baseline Assessments to understand your current maturity levels at scale.

  2. Interpretation of Regulations
    We all know, regulations are oftentimes difficult to interpret. This might lead organisations to implement unsuitable or inadequate Controls, or rely heavily on external consultants to derive the appropriate Controls. With Alyne, we help you to simplify regulations and their requirements into bite-sized chunks, which are easy to action. The Controls within our Control Library follow the SAMC3 principle: Specific, Atomic, Measurable, Consistent, Comprehensible and Contextual. Easy to understand – leaving no room for ambiguity.


  1. Natural Language Processing
    Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Alyne's Documents Feature enables you to store regulations or policies, and create individual mappings to matching controls. With this, you can easily manage your policies and digital documents centrally, rather than linking them across several spreadsheets.

In short, Alyne’s “Controls as a Service” saves you time and money by taking the guesswork out of the Controls process and fosters better collaboration across your organisation, providing much-needed transparency and consistency across your Control Framework.


Alyne's Digital Assessments 

  1. Digital Assessments to Measure Maturity at Scale
    Using the Controls Framework put together from above, running baseline Assessments against your Internal Controls will be a walk in the park. You can easily obtain a maturity snapshot of your existing Controls based on a defined benchmark.

  2. Measuring Maturity of Controls According to CMMI
    Depending on your industry and company size, organisations might adopt different maturity models. In providing a common benchmark, Alyne classifies and gives examples for organisational attributes and processes based on the Capability Maturity Model levels (CMMI), thereby providing clear guidance to organisations in improving their processes.

  3. Sentiment Analysis
    Within Alyne, we have integrated the Sentiments Analysis feature which leverages Machine Learning. This powerful tool empowers Assessment Managers' review capabilities as it allows them to prioritise and filter comments and information, especially in an Assessment with conflicting responses. 

Continuous Controls Monitoring

With our brand new top-level feature, Asset Owners or Assessment Managers will now be continuously monitoring the maturity of Controls across assets and analyse how they have changed over time. These valuable insights in the form of Control maturity form the basis of the Actual Maturity data points that are captured. The Continuous Controls feature currently derives data from completed assessments and represents them based on an assessed asset or control level.

The benefits are summarised below:

  • Tracks the target maturity of controls pertaining to an assessed asset
  • Tracks the actual Control maturity status of assets over time
  • Includes multiple sources for measuring Control maturity on assets, one being Assessments, other being third part applications that transforms insights from external sources into facts
  • Allows extensive dashboarding, reporting and general slicing and dicing

Be it for your use case of implementing an ISMS, Policy Management or Cyber Security Assessments, Alyne’s Continuous Controls functionality is certainly a great addition to your Internal Controls Processes and Compliance Management.

Supporting Your Enterprise’s Internal Controls and Compliance Processes Towards Continued Success 

In the current landscape which highly values efficiency and cost-effectiveness, companies often struggle to keep up-to-date with the right services that have capabilities to optimise their efficiency, productivity and reporting of process performance. Hence, it is critical to be equipped with the right technology and tools that will help your business to successfully meet your internal Controls and compliance objectives.

At Alyne, we’ve understood the need to simplify, digitalise and automate GRC processes, and foster collaboration across your organisation while maintaining transparency and consistency across your Control Framework.

Want to learn more about how Alyne can provide you with amazing value in streamlining your Internal Controls and Compliance processes?  Get in touch with our team now.

Faris Toh

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