Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    Case Study

    How Alyne Helped GUD Transition From Manual Processes to a Digitised Risk Management Solution

    Learn more about how Alyne made it possible for GUD Holdings Limited to successfully transition from manual Risk Management processes to a simplified and digitised solution – aligning them with a leading industry standard control framework, ISO 27001.  
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    New Features

    November New Features

    Recently, we introduced 2 new features for Alyne Users to benefit from. Assessment Managers can now better manage their Assessments through the use of Containers. New email validation now assists with a pre-screening process, prior to User invitations – keeping your databases tidy and spam free.
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    White Paper

    IDW PS 340 n.F. - Alyne's Risk Revolution

    Implementation of the new requirements for risk management driven by the IDW PS 340 n.F. with the help of Alyne. With Alyne you prepare your risk management to be compliant with the requirements of the revised IDW PS 340. You can increase the maturity of your processes quickly and easily - your 1st line will be impressed by the intuitive solution.
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    Press Release

    Alyne Partners with KPMG to Deliver Value in the Areas of Sustainability and Human Rights

    As the world moves forward, business leaders are being held more accountable for their responsibilities towards their employees, communities and the environment. Alyne and KPMG have teamed up, combining industry leading expertise on human rights and sustainability with next-generation technology to help our customers comply with requirements defined in international standards and regulations.
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    Response and Resolution: Delivering True Customer Success (Part 2)

    Part 2 of our Customer Success article series is here. This 3 part series means to provide an insider look at Alyne’s Customer Success Team. In this second article, Felix Schock talks about one integral part of our service delivery: Ongoing Support.