Operational & Cyber Resilience Part 6: Training & Awareness

Essential steps to creating a resilience-focussed workforce.

Creating a resilient workforce is as much about employee confidence and happiness, as it is about tactical training and response to certain situations. Disruptions in the workplace can vary anywhere from multiple employees off sick at once, or a breach of security, to a natural disaster that impacts the entire workplace. How your staff respond in times of disruption or crisis greatly impacts the affect it has on your operations.

While some organisations may understand the benefits of employee training, it appears that they are not convinced to invest in the cause. The truth is that awareness trainings do have a strategic focus on reinforcing the operational and cyber resilience of the enterprise. As data breaches and cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, your organisation may have implemented technological defences to counter it and to protect your most valuable assets. However, in order to strengthen and build a more robust technological defence, it is important for all stakeholders to be educated, trained and aware of the security policies. Training and guiding your stakeholders will ensure that your organisation remains compliant and resilient.

In this white paper, we will look at essential elements towards building a resilient workforce and how to cultivate enterprise-wide training and awareness through the use of smart technology.


Through this series of white papers, we will introduce 6 core and interrelated components of Operational and Cyber Resilience that we believe are essential to the development of a resilient organisation. These 6 components consist of: Business Continuity Management, Vendor Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Cyber Security & Resilience, Incident Management and Training.                    

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Bayley Benton

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