White Paper | Operational & Cyber Resilience: Part 1 - BCM

The 4 key components for a successful Business Continuity Management plan.


Welcome to Part 1 in our series of white papers on Operational and Cyber Resilience. Over the next few months, we will introduce 6 core and interrelated components of Operational and Cyber Resilience that we believe are essential to the development of a resilient organisation. These 6 components consist of: Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, Incident Management, Risk Management, Vendor Governance and Cyber. Through this series of white papers, we would also like to reemphasise our belief here at Alyne that building a resilient business requires a organisation-wide approach that integrates technology with the processes and people that use it. Resilience is as much technology as it is the people and the processes.

Operational & Cyber Resilience: Part 1 - Business Continuity Management

A successful Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan will not only maintain operations during times of crisis or disaster, but also minimise cost and reduce damage and recovery time. In this white paper, we highlight the 4 key components that you will need to consider when developing a BCM plan, as well as key focus areas of building a culture of resilience within your organisation.


Bayley Benton

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