October New Features

This October, Alyne Users will be able to enjoy both Risk and Mitigation Import and Export improvements, Object Versions where they are able to set approval processes and track changes to their assets, leverage Control Workbench Standards Filter to sieve out relevant Controls and much more.

1. Risk, Mitigation & Task Imports

Still managing your Risks in spreadsheets or on disparate documents lying around your sharepoint? With our newly designed Risk Import feature, transferring your Risks into Alyne is super easy and convenient. Using our enhanced evaluation during the import, you can ensure data consistency, not only across Risks, but also across Mitigations and even Tasks. Meaning that not only can you import Risks, but if applicable, you can also include their corresponding  Mitigations and Tasks within the import, too.

2. Risk & Mitigation Export Improvements

With a simple checkbox selection, the draft versions (or unnaproved changes) of Risks and Mitigations are now available in Exports, alongside already approved Risks and Mitigations.

3. Copying of Risks (with Mitigations)

With this added feature, Users are now able to easily copy Risks along with their accompanying Mitigations. This functionality facilitates your Risk Management process, particularly if a common Mitigation plan is adopted across different Risks. 

4. Object Versions

Are you leveraging our Object Library as a central repository for your assets?

Now, with the introduction of Object Versions, Users can now set approval processes and easily track changes to your assets. Following the same concept as the approval processes currently available for Risks, you are now able to toggle between different versions of your Object to review the changes over time.

5. Control Workbench Standards Filter

Searching for Controls within the Control Workbench relating to a specific Standard? With the new Standards filter, you can quickly sieve out all Controls that are mapped to the Standard or Regulation that you are interested in, and easily manage the corresponding Controls.


6. Searching in Library Store (Control Workbench)

Looking to either update or download a single Control – or a bunch of Controls – containing a specific keyword? With the new search bar available within the Control Workbench Library Store, you can perform keyword searches to easily identify and then either download or update Alyne Controls.


7. Continuous Controls (Trend Graphs + Standards Filter)

Introduced earlier this year, Continuous Controls is a powerful feature that provides insightful tracking of your Controls' Maturity over time. This feature has been further improved with newly introduced trend graphs, which provide a great visual aid to analyse the maturity deviations of your Controls by month, over a timeframe of the last 12 months.

Additionally, a new Standards filter has been included for Continuous Controls to allow for a much more granular view when managing your Continuous Controls.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 


Eugene Nah

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