November New Features

Recently, we introduced 2 new features for Alyne Users to benefit from. Assessment Managers can now better manage their Assessments through the use of Containers. New email validation now assists with a pre-screening process, prior to User invitations – keeping your databases tidy and spam free.

Assessment Containers

Even as we transition into the digital age, using files and folders remains vital in helping us sort and classify information. At Alyne, we recognise the importance of ensuring proper data management and so we have introduced a new feature called Assessment Container as a powerful tool for Assessment Managers to better manage their Assessments. Gone are the days where different Assessments for the same vendor are lost in the heaps of Assessments that are to be tracked.

Assessment Containers can be easily created in the Assessments overview page or by using the three dots on any existing Assessment.


Assessment Containers provide more than just a ‘shell’ for the Assessments that are added into them. Apart from being able to obtain a quick overview of these Assessments, they also come with 2 additional visualisations of the Assessments that are embedded into it: Assessors are able to easily identify recently submitted Assessments as well as overdue Assessments.

Say hello to better and much more efficient Assessment management days!


Machine Learning Email Validation

User management and rights may prove to be cumbersome as organisations continue to expand and grow. More headcounts, more procurement and outsourcing activities, and more stakeholders to manage.

As such, we saw the need to lighten the load of our Users towards effective and efficient user management when using Alyne. Armed with our Machine Learning capabilities, Admin Users are now able to correctly and confidently invite other Users with the correct email addresses. Wrong or duplicate email addresses due to typos or human errors will no longer be a prevalent issue.



Our ML-powered email validation capability does more than just a plain format check. Instead, it informs Admin users of suspicious or risky email addresses and prevents the invitation of invalid/non-working email addresses.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne.  

Eugene Nah

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