June New Features

Alyne's latest features includes improved user experience such as connecting Risk Tags with the Object Library and allowing Attachments for Mitigation Tasks. Users can also enjoy various file formats for export and many more product improvements.

1. Connecting Risk Tags with Object Library and Introducing Hierarchies

Our latest feature brings your fully integrated risk management to the next level. With our latest feature, you will be able to directly link Risk Tags to an Object and also establish hierarchies for Risk Tags.

Segment Risk Tags are now created based on an Object in the Object Library. Segment Risk Tags are generally used to set up the vertical dimension of a matrix organisation, and thus enables highly structured risk capturing and reporting based on access rights. With this new feature, Alyne Users would be able to prevent duplicate risk creation, capture risks and perform reporting based on the organisational structure or other assets stored in the Object Library.

The Risk Tags can now have a Children Tag, which is a way of implementing hierarchies in the risks. Hierarchies of Risk Tags helps organisations to structure their risks precisely with additional layers, thus emulating the real-life enterprise structures into risk management.

2. Attachments for Mitigation Tasks

Alyne Users are now able to attach evidence and working documents to a mitigation task. As always, we support two different types of attachments here: links and documents. To add or delete an attachment, the associated mitigation task must still be in status 'open'.

3. Redesign of Exports

We have redesigned our Export functionality and the Exports are now available in Excel, CSV and PDF formats. This functionality gives the User the flexibility to choose the format and scalability. Inclusion of IDs in the Export also allows Users to perform lookups across several Exports and do further analysis. These Exports can also be scheduled, integrated to other platforms based on client requirements.


4. Parallel Campaign Stages

Alyne Users who are utilising Campaigns to raise awareness over Controls and obtain audit-proof read confirmations, can now start multiple Campaigns on the same content. This is especially helpful in cases where one user group has to read and confirm content, while the other user group should only state their support.

5. Combine your Campaign with an External Task

In order to further increase awareness, Alyne Users are combining the communication of content within our platform with additional outside training. Our latest ‘External Task’ functionality allows users to create a seamless integration of a Control Set campaign with training conducted in a different platform. Our customer success team is more than happy to guide you through the functionality in detail.


6. Risk Review Process - An Exciting Upcoming New Feature

We are planning to introduce a new feature around the review process for Risks and Risk Versioning. This establishes an easy workflow regarding the approval process in risk management and also separates the organisational duties; as in most cases, the risk creator is not the final approver of the same risk.

This feature enables the risk contributor to submit the risk, toggle between different versions, and finally the risk approver can approve the risk and freeze the version. The respective roles can be set up in the Risk Tag settings itself.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 
Debasmita Sinha

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