Introducing Alyne’s Monte Carlo Simulation

Alyne's Monte Carlo Simulation capabilities enables Users to perform simulations in a matter of a seconds, across different organisational segments, on tens of thousands of risks.

Recently, we have incorporated the next-generation functionality for conducting quantitative risk analysis using Monte Carlo Simulations, out of the box in Alyne platform.

The process of performing a Monte Carlo Simulation usually take days. We harness tens of teraflops of computing power using the massively scalable serverless infrastructure. As a result, you can perform the simulation in a matter of seconds, across different organisational segments, on tens of thousands of risks.

The intuitive UI enables you to visualise the aggregate potential risk loss distribution and VaR metrics, in addition to the single point estimates – providing meaningful visualisations of the outcomes to derive actionable business insights.

Learn more about this new feature from Machine Learning Engineer, Bhushan Chaudhari. To understand more about Alyne’s Monte Carlo Simulation capability, schedule a demo with an Alyne expert in your area.  


Bhushan Chaudhari

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