February New Features

This February, we have provided Alyne Users with fresh lenses to visualise Assessment Container data, through the addition of 'Scope' and 'Insights.' Furthermore, we have included in-app Release Notes, enhanced our Risk Filtering capabilities, provided the ability to reassign Assessment Responders without losing any work, and introduced new Block Types to leverage within Alyne's Documents feature.

1. Assessment Containers - Scope and Insights

Following the sneak peak of the update to the Assessment Containers last month, we are excited to officially introduce two brand new features that will greatly enhance the Assessment Containers analytical capabililty – Scope and Insights!

In the
Scope tab, deeper functionality has been provided for analysing and visualising the content of your Assessment Containers. Through using a statistic known as the Jaccard similarity coefficient, Alyne's Scope feature visually indicates similarities within the scope of Assessments, in relation to the Objects specified within an Assessment Container.

The Insights tab, leverage Alyne's Radar Diagrams (similarly found in our Risk Reports) to help you analyse how the answers of the Assessments specified within the Assessment Container measure up against certain Topics and Standards.

2. Release Notes

We understand that product updates are frequent and require time investment on your end to understand the potential value of the new release for your organisation. This is why we have introduced 'Release Notes' – a feature that allows you to keep track of all of Alyne's past and current product feature updates. This documentation aims to provide you with a repository of Alyne's versions and feature releases, enabling you to focus your time invest on the those that interest you the most, and to seek your relevant Customer Success Manager for more guidance and insights on features you would like to learn even more about.

3. Enhanced Risk Filter - Sort by Latest Changes

With vast amounts of risks being captured and tracked within your organisation's Risk Management Dashboard, greater filtering options becomes of great use. Users can now sort risks by the latest changes, and filter further by a predefined or customised timeframe. This additional filter enables you to easily identify the risks that have recently been modified by Alyne Users. Additionally you can also sort by rating, probability and impact.

4. Block Types for Documents

As we continue to build on the functionality within Alyne's Documents feature, we have just enabled the use of bulleted lists and numbered lists including nesting, alongside a variety of headers types, paragraphs and images.

The inclusion of supported Block Types within Alyne's Documents, enables greater capability in composing and maintaining your policies within the Alyne platform.

5. Assessments - Reassignment of Responders

Have you been in the midst of your Vendor Assessment and realised that the primary point of contact for your vendor has changed, but with 80% of their Assessment already completed? Do you send another Assessment to the new contact, or do you ponder about how to reuse the 80% that was already answered?

To save you a great amount of time, effort (and stress) that you as an Assessment Manager may experience in resolving the above situation, our new Assessment Responder Reassignment feature was purposefully built into Alyne to enable you
to reassign Assessment Responders to a new point of contact, at any point in time, while still keeping the progress of all previously answered questions intact. This reassignment can be done including or excluding already provided answers, giving you full control in managing your Vendor Assessments.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 
Eugene Nah

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