December New Features

Introducing two new product features this December. Alyne Users now have the ability to include all relevant Object Types that are required, straight into their Library Store with just a few clicks. Easily organise your workspace using Alyne's new 'Drag and Drop' for Assessment Containers.

Object Type Library Store

Similar to how predefined templates are available for Control Sets, Assessments and Funnels in Alyne, our newest feature will provide you with the ability to include all relevant and required Object Types right into your Library Store with only a few clicks.

Not only does it assist in preventing Object Type clutter on your Object Library workspace, it also serves as a repository for you to easily populate new Object Types based on your needs. 

Once Object Types are instantiated, you are able to differentiate between those that are 'live' and those that are not. 

We recognise how changes in organisational needs may result in new configurations or requirements. Along with differentiation from ‘live’ Objects, you would also be able to track the versioning of the various Object Types available within your Alyne instance. 

Fig 1: Object Type Library Store

The introduction of the Object Type Library Store leads us to a step closer to providing you with a far more efficient workspace experience within Alyne. 

Drag and Drop for Assessment Containers

Easy and intuitive is the name of the game. With this new feature, we have enabled faster and simpler organisation of your Assessments, by simply being able to now drag and drop your Assessments into appropriate Assessment Containers. Simply click and drag an Assessment over the Assessment Container and then release to add it. 

Fig. 4: Drag and Drop Feature

All actions have one-click confirmation step and are subsequently confirmed with 'Toasts' at the bottom of the screen. The Toasts not only serve as a notifcation that the Assessment has indeed been moved, but also allows you to easily and immediately undo the action, should you need to. 

Fig. 3: Confirmation step

Fig. 4: Toasts to show confirmation and to undo an action

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 


Eugene Nah

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