October New Features

The latest feature releases within Alyne this October provide users with in-app support, multi-currency for Risks, Funnel question hints and more.

1. In-app support

At Alyne, we like to keep everything in an all-in-one platform, including our support, which is why we have just shipped a Support Beacon directly within the app.

For all of your questions and support requirements, you will now find the "Support" button located within the Alyne screen, which you can utilise to contact us directly – without having to send us a separate mail. 

The new Support Beacon not only makes for a more convenient way of working; it also comes with a range of other benefits, such as:  

  • the beacon auto-detects the topic in question, based on the screen you are in and efficiently pre-fills the subject line;
  • Users can attach screenshots directly to their message;
  • our Support Team will receive additional meta data with your message, such as your user type and the name of your org, which helps us to process your request even faster; and
  • past conversations with our Support Team are readily accessible and searchable by our team.


2. Minimum assessed value spider diagram

We have included a new radar diagram variant in Reports, allowing you to view each spider diagram according to the lowest score for each topic or standard. Using this option, the spider will be presented in such a way that you don't oversee any weaknesses in topics or standards.


3. FX multi-currency for risks and incidents

Globally operating companies may operate with different currencies to record the financial loss of a risk or incident. In order to make risks/incidents comparable and qualifiable, at some point the financial loss has to be converted to the base currency of the company. Due to this scenario, our latest updates to Alyne Risks and Incidents allow you to record financial loss in a currency that is different to your base currency, and Alyne will automatically convert the value to your base currency. In addition, the exchange rate for calculating the value of the financial loss can be fixed to a specific day.


4. Hints for Funnel questions

Just like Assessment questions, Expert Users can now include a "Hint" for each Funnel question.


5. Silent user invite

Admin Users can now invite Users to their Alyne org silently - the User will not receive an email notifying them that they have been added to Alyne, asking them to sign up. This option is extremely useful for more complex organisations who wish to add Users to Alyne, but don't want the Users signing up and accessing Alyne until the org has been properly set up with, for example, teams, content and access permissions. 



For any more information on October's new features or to learn how Alyne can help your organisation confidently navigate the Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance space, contact our team at support@alyne.com.

Cyrus Ardeshirian

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