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September New Features

The latest feature releases within Alyne this September enable Users to delegate Assessments, archive Funnels, view the change history for Risks and more.


New features:

1. Delegate Assessments

We’re often asked: if I receive an Alyne Assessment, can I delegate it to another User?

Up until now, this was not possible - the responder would have to ask the assessor to send the entire Assessment to another person, or go and ask that other person for the answer(s) and then answer the Assessment themselves.

An Assessment responder (User A) is now able to delegate specific questions or even the entire Assessment to another Alyne User (User B). In the near future, it will also be possible to delegate to people who are not yet Alyne Users. Note that User B is also able to delegate to another Alyne User (User C) - i.e., there is no limit on the number of delegations. Delegate questions can also be reclaimed at any time, meaning that if User A changes their mind, they can reclaim the question and answer it themselves. 

This new feature will save your organisation time and encourage collaboration amongst responders, allowing for maximum knowledge sharing and the most accurate responses.

Select delegation mode and then delegate questions for an entire topic/subtopic, or delegate specific questions to another Alyne User.


2. Change History for Risks

A number of our clients asked if we could record all changes to a Risk, for audit purposes and good house-keeping. Users are now able to view the full history of each Risk, from the point at which the Risk is added to the Risk Dashboard.


3. Search for Risks

When creating Custom Controls, Users can now search through Alyne’s Risk Library (containing around 900 Risks) and map Alyne Risks to their Custom Controls. This means that when a User runs an Assessment of its Custom Controls (which have Alyne Risks mapped to them), any weaknesses in those Controls will cause Risks to be identified in a corresponding Risks Report.



4. Archive Funnels

As with many other records in Alyne, Users can now archive Funnels. This means you can clean up your Funnels, removing any Funnels that are no longer active or in use, but still be able to retrieve them if needed.



5. Markdown support for Task descriptions

After introducing the ability to markdown (format) Control Set and Assessment descriptions, a number of customers requested the ability to markdown Task descriptions. This feature will allow Users to capture large amounts of information about each Task in a more visually appealing way, drawing the reader to key text. Read more about how markdown support can be used, in our June new features blog post. 


For any more information on September's new features or to learn how Alyne can help your organisation confidently navigate the Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance space, contact our team at [email protected]

Cyrus Ardeshirian
Author: Cyrus Ardeshirian
Customer Success
About the author
Cyrus is responsible for Customer Success at Alyne. He assists organisations of all industries and sizes in using Alyne to mature their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities and cost effectively measure maturity in their extended enterprise. Prior to working at Alyne, Cyrus worked as a corporate lawyer with market leading law firms in the UK and Australia.