March New Features

Admin users can now download a CSV of their data, update Object property via Funnel outcomes and update Object property via a Funnel question.

1. Download a CSV of User data

Admin Users can now download a CSV containing a list of the Users they have invited to their Alyne instance, summarising their names, email addresses, user types, teams and last login dates. On the "Add or Update Users" page, simply click the new button "Export Users as CSV".











2. Update Object property via Funnel outcome

As you already know, Object properties can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. To enhance this feature, we decided that a Funnel should be able to update fields of the Funnelled Object, based on the overall outcome of a Funnel. So now, when creating a Funnel, Users can specify that an overall Funnel outcome will update an Object property - when that Funnel outcome occurs, the Object property will automatically update.











3. Update Object property via Funnel question

When creating a Funnel, Users can also specify that an answer to a specific Funnel question will update an Object property. Note that if a Funnel outcome and a Funnel question lead to a different Object property update, the update via Funnel outcome will take precedence.


Cyrus Ardeshirian

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