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Incident Management & Funnel Updates

Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Summary of New Features

1. Incident Management

We've built a new Incident Management module. You can now use Alyne to document, analyse, investigate and track incidents that have occurred.

2. Funnel Outcome Reviews

You now have the ability to add a reviewer to each Funnel outcome, creating an effortless and scalable review process for procedures like vendor conflict checks, business impact assessments and privacy impact assessments.

3. Funnel Tool Tips

We've added a number of tips within Alyne to help you complete Funnel Object details.

New Features in Detail

Incident Management

Alyne's Risk Management module could already be used to capture, analyse and monitor Risks to an organisation, and set up mitigation plans to manage those Risks. With the new Incident Management module, users can now document an Incident, at the point that a Risk actually occurs. The user can then analyse, investigate, track and report on Incidents, using Alyne.

As with Risks, Incident details are displayed and analysed in a number of ways, allowing users to quickly gain insights into any Incidents that have occurred. Users can:

  • view all Incidents, or choose to view only Incidents relating selected Risk Tags;
  • view a summary of the Impact Rating, Loss Value and Accumulated Loss associated with selected Incidents;
  • view a timeline representation of the Incidents; and
  • select and analyse Incidents which arose during a specific timeframe.

Funnel Outcome Reviews

Funnels can be used by Alyne users to evaluate objects by defining specific questions to determine an outcome for the object, based on defined thresholds. Users can carry out various evaluations using Funnels, including a Business Impact Assessment, Data Record Protection Need Assessment, Privacy Impact Assessment or a Vendor Conflict Check. 

We have recently updated Funnels to allow for the review of Funnel outcomes. When setting up a Funnel, a user can state that certain outcomes will require a review and a subsequent approval or disapproval of an outcome by a defined user, the reviewer. Reviewers will be notified when they are required to approve/disapprove Funnel outcomes.

This functionality will allow organisations to digitalise and automate evaluation processes, while ensuring that supervising personnel are always able to easily review evaluation (Funnel) outcomes and have the final say. 

Funnel Tool Tips

We've introduced Tool Tips to make it even easier to populate Object details, when using Funnels. When a required field has not been populated correctly it will appear in red, with a description of how to complete the field. 

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Cyrus Ardeshirian
Author: Cyrus Ardeshirian
Customer Success
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Cyrus is responsible for Customer Success at Alyne. He assists organisations of all industries and sizes in using Alyne to mature their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities and cost effectively measure maturity in their extended enterprise. Prior to working at Alyne, Cyrus worked as a corporate lawyer for 7 years with market leading law firms in the UK and Australia.