Cooler Risk Tags, Task notifications and more

Control Sets and Assessments are now displayed either by Topic or by Standard/ Regulation. and task notfications by email have now been enabled.

Risk Tag Updates

Risk Tag Updates

This week's deploy adds and improves features to your beloved Risk Tags within the Alyne Risk Management.

Unarchive Risk Tags

Risk Tag unarchive








Risk Tags you archived in the past can now easily be unarchived by first loading all unarchived Risk Tags via the Risk Tag selection menu to the right and then editing the archived Risk Tag and pressing the "Unarchive" button.

Multiple segmented Tags on one Risk

Multiple segmented Tags








Some of our customers want to add more than one segmented Risk Tag to a Risk, example: The "Risk of unauthorised parties getting access to personal data" shall be attached to the Segment Tag "Australia" and the 2 segmented Tags "Data Privacy" and "Information Security". This is now possible. However, you need to turn this feature on in the according org setting. Other customers will not change this setting to enforce having exactly one segmented and exactly one Segment Tag attached to a Risk at all times.


UI improvements

Risk Tags UI improvements








We improved the visual styling in the Risk Tag area. We got rid of the "..." menu on the Risk Tag in favor of a pen icon and a pulse animation when hovering a Risk Tag. This saves some space for the Risk Tag title and creates a less distracting and cleaner look.

On a Risk tile, the selection of Risk Tags is now more colorful and shows the Risk Tag icon as well. It's now easier and faster to find the right Risk Tag to attach.

When using segmented Risk Tags, some users with few access rights saw a red Risk Tag icon on a Risk. This icon usually indicates that Risk Tags are missing. However, in these cases the users just did not have the required access rights. We now differentiate properly if really Tags are missing or if the user is not allowed to see other Risk Tags associated to that Risk.


Controls by Standard

Controls by Standard

Until now, Control Sets and Assessment show their Controls grouped by topic and sub topic. This release lets you switch to a view by Standard, e.g. ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR, etc. We introduced a new icon to the top right in Control Sets and in the Assessment configuration screen where you can toggle these view modes.

When viewing Controls by Standard, you need to select the Standard of your choice in the drop down field. Attention: As a Control can be mapped to several references within one Standard, a Control might appear several times in the Standard view. The second, third and so on occurrence of a Control is indicated by slightly darker background color of the Control tile. In an Assessment, the Recipient has to answer only once per Control Question.

When defining the Standard view in a not started Assessment, this choice is saved and will be also used as the view for each Assessment Recipient. If you save the Assessment as template, it also memorises this view - very handy for later reuse.


Task notifications

Task notifications

As an Alyne Admin you can activate org-wide automated notifications on due Tasks. Alyne identifies Tasks that are 1. due in a week and 2. due today and will bundle them in one email per user. No spam at all, but a good option to support the timely completion of Tasks.

Whenever you delegate or relaim a Task, the affected user gets an email notification. Up next will be a real time notification in the Alyne notification center for that.


"Real" Assessment Objects

Real Assessment Objects

We added second option to add Assessment recipients and objects by selecting "real" objects you know from our Funnel feature. Objects like Applications, Services, Vendors, etc. know their responsibles. These responsible persons will be selected as Assessment recipients automatically.


Bug Fixes:

We fixed some minor tooltip translation issues. Only the Alyne power users were able to spot them.

We improved the tracking of errors during user logins along with updates in the Alyne login form.

We updated and slimmed down the tech check on the login page. The Tech Check now indicates with an icon once it detected issues like a blocked URL in your network.


Manuel Reil

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