Mitigation Task View, Control Set PDFs and super-fast Risk Graphs

The Risk Management dashboard comes with a different view: Mitigation Tasks. Control Sets can now be exported to nicely formatted PDF.

Mitigation Task View

Mitigation Task View


The Alyne Risk Management enables you to manage Risks and their mitigation actions in a very fast and intuitive way.

Imagine your team entered Risks and set up Mitigating Actions for each of the Risks and now you want to get an overview of

  • which Mitigating Actions are overdue?
  • which Mitigating Actions will deliver the biggest risk reduction?
  • which Mitigating Actions have not been updated recently?
  • who needs a gentle or not so gentle reminder about open Mitigating Actions?
Risk Management View Switcher

Risk Management view switcher









These insights were a bit cumbersome in the standard view of our Risk Management. You had to open up the Mitigation Plan of each Risk to get answers to these questions. That's why we are introducing now another view that is solely dedicated view for this purpose. To quickly switch between the regular Risk view to the new Mitigation Task view you just need to hover and click the respective button on the right side. Absolutely cool: Whatever combination of Risk Tags you selected, it is respected while switching between Risk and Task view. E.g. you have selected one Risk Tag "Technology Risks" and you are seeing 3 Risks. Switching to the Task view, you only see the open Mitigation Tasks for these 3 Technology Risks.

The Mitigation Task Table

For Mitigation Task view we opted for a traditional table style. This allows for sorting by each table heading super-quickly. The view lazy-loads the Mitigation Tasks by presenting the first 60 Task items. When you scroll down to the bottom, it loads another 60 and so on. This keeps load times very low along with sorting and filtering capabilities - even if you manage Hundreds of Tasks.

The Mitigation Task Bell

Mitigation Task Bell






The new Mitigation Task table introduces the Bell: By clicking on the Bell, the current Task owner gets an email with a gentle reminder to work on this Mitigation Task. We protect you from accidentally clicking a second or third time on the same Task (=spam machine).

Control Set PDFs

Control Set PDFs


After our technological adventure creating PDFs from our dynamic Risk Reports, we proudly announce the availability of PDF versions of Control Sets. They contain a table of contents including the topics and sub topics in this set and a nice and readable list of Controls.


Control Set PDFs


Our Risk Graphs power the Alyne algorithm to discover the Risks based on Assessments in our Risk Reports. They provide the root cause analysis for those Risks in the Risk Report and show the Risk implications on each Control in Control Sets.

The database technology we have been using since the initial launch of Alyne for traversing our Risk Graphs served us well, but could not keep up with the performance requirements for our use case. That's why we developed our own in-memory graph engine that's at least 50 times faster than the old database-driven approach. The engine is embedded in a micro service dedicated to this purpose and manages to answer 1000s of graph traversals per second.

This results in drastically reduced Risk Report generation times (below one second for typical Report sizes), faster loading and displaying of Root cause graphs and of course of the Risk Graphs on a Control.

Bug Fixes

Some minor visual improvements we implemented during the Mitigation Task view in Risk Management.

Manuel Reil

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