New cool Report features and Radars for Responders

We revamped the Report sections: Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary, and introduced a new mitigation action type: "Implement Control". Assessment recipients can view their results in a private radar diagram.

Alyne is proud to have shipped the biggest product update so far. The Alyne Dev team modified in total 110'000 lines of code resulting in a lot of improvements under the hood. Immediate improvements you can experience are a bit snappier UI and faster transition between features of our app.

Feature-wise we also have a ton of new things to use.


Report Updates

What is changing?

All existing Risk Reports you have generated and all new Reports will have a new layout. You will be able to drill down deeper into the underlying risk and control information. We are providing additional visualisations around the tables, risk matrix and compliance summary.

What is staying the same?

All information currently in your reports will also be in the new Reports. The structure of the data is staying the same - we are just adding more depth and better visualisation. All comments, reviews, risk removals etc. are still in place.


Risk Heatmap

Report Risk Heatmap

The Risk Heatmap with its drill-down capabilities gets a major design overhaul featuring a more structured and aggregated view on the root causes of the Risks and their underlying Assessment data.

The Risk Heatmap gets a sibling, the Risk Donut which you can use to quickly filter on Risks by criticality. When you select Risks, they are now shown in a collapsed view only showing the details on criticality (now colorful), impact and probability. Of course, you can show the Risk Graph explaining how our Risk Algorithm came to the conclusion that this is actually a Risk. Clicking on this Risk now reveals all the Assessment responses and their deviations that increase the probability of this Risk.

Compliance Summary

Report Compliance Summary

The Compliance Summary focuses now on one standard at a time and lists now responses with deviations, not only medium and high deviations as before. We also display them in proper tables where you can sort by column headings. The deviation of a response is now shown as an icon like you know it from the wireless indicator of your mobile phone.


Task type "Implement control"

Implement control

In the Alyne Risk Management, you have been able to create mitigating actions for a Risk by free form Tasks. We introduce a new way of those mitigating tasks where you can select Controls from the whole Controls Library as implementation targets.

This way you can delegate mitigating actions for implementing already defined Controls. Like its sibling, the "Implement Control" task type buys down impact and probability and behaves the same way - with one exception: Alyne will generate the title for you.


Responder Radar

Responder Radar

Proposed by a new customer of Alyne, Assessment managers can now allow Responders to see how they answered against the expected maturity. Of course, only AFTER a Responder has submitted all the answers. Our visualisation for this is the Radar diagram you know from the Alyne Reports. The best thing: You can activate it even years after you finalised the Assessment, it will work.


Other notable improvements

Updated login

We improved the login screen under in visual and data flow aspects. This iniative will go on for around 8 weeks.

Response comment realtime-enabled

We now enabled the comments on Assessment Responses for real-time updates. That means the Responder can discuss answers, maturities, help and attachments live with the Assessment manager.

Bug fixes

We fixed a couple of oldies. Among them, some visual glitches and trivial and minor cases.

Manuel Reil

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