Risk Tags 2.0 and PDF Reports

We made the handling of Risk Tags in the Risk Management more powerful and easier to use at the same time. Our reports are now also available as a downloadable PDF, and Reports can now be limited to a selection of Controls.

Risk Tags 2.0

We overall improved the Risk Management in technical aspects. The main value to customers is the completely revamped user interface for Risk Tags. We introduce 2 view modes for Risk Tags: The folded and the unfolded view.

Folded Risk Tag view:

Risk Tags folded

  • Risk Tags are listed in one row only.

  • You can scroll horizontally in case you have plenty of Risk Tags.

  • Click on a Risk Tag to filter for all Risks associated to that Tag.

  • With the green icon, you can add new Risks.

  • The most right icon lets you switch to the unfolded view.


Unfolded Risk Tag view:

Risk Tags unfolded

  • Risk Tags are listed in multiple rows, nicely grouped by their type: Standard Tags, segmented, segment and the favourite Tags.

  • On the right side, advanced options to select Risk Tags, e.g. using a union or an intersection of multiple Risk Tags.

  • You now create new Risk Tags and Risk Tag favourites directly there.

  • Downloading the current selection of Risks to CSV/Excel happens there now as well.

With the new Risk Tag Favourites feature (light-blue icons) you can save an advanced selection of Risk Tags, e.g. "All Top Risks in Asia and Australia" to one Favourite Tag. You are then much faster in browsing complex selection scopes of Risks.


PDF Reports

The Alyne user interface shows Reports in a visually appealing, interactive way. In case you need to have a PDF export of a Report, we now help you out. Whenever you create or modify a Report, we will prepare a PDF version of it. In fact, it's waiting for you ready for download, in all the 3 language versions Alyne is offering. Just click on the context menu and then on Download PDF. Technically it is one of our master pieces as it is surpisingly complicated to transform such an interactive Report into a flat PDF report.

Scoped Reports

Scoped Reports

Imagine you ran a big Assessment with lots of underlying Controls. Now you want to create several Reports out of it: One for Identity and Access Management, one for Application Governance and one for GDPR. Quite a challenge. Not anymore: Just below the selection area of Assessments/Assessment Objects you find all your Control Sets. By selecting one or more than one, you can narrow down the scope of analysed Controls in the Report you are creating.

In our example you would create 3 Reports whereas

  • for the Identity and Access Management Report you select the Alyne Identity and Access Management Control Set as Controls scope,
  • for the Application Governance Report you select the Alyne Application Governance Control Set and
  • for the GDPR Report you select the Alyne GDPR Control Set
  • .


This is simple and powerful. In case you select multiple Control Sets, Alyne will automatically build a unified set of Controls and apply it as scope to the Report. Every time you change the selection of Assessments, Assessment Objects and/or Control Set scopes, we calculate again if your resulting selection of Controls is somehow included in the selected Assessments.


Other improvements

Comments are now pushed in real time also on Assessment screens, for Responders and for Experts viewing the Assessment responses.

We unified every dropdown in the Alyne app to look the same.

Bug Fixes

  • The Funnel Scatter plot was cutting off longer questions. Not anymore.
  • We resolved some smaller issues in setting up Assessment triggers in Funnels.
  • We improved some descriptions and translations in the app.
  • In a very nasty bug, some users on older Internet Explorer versions could not save Assessment responses. But sometimes it worked. We fixed it anyway.
Manuel Reil

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