Realtime Notifications

We just shipped realtime notifications, informing you in about events in your Assessments. Each Assessment also shows a chronological list of its activities which is updated in realtime. We also shipped a new user menu that gives the all the current options and the notifications a new home.

Realtime Notifications

Realtime notifications













With this new version of Alyne we enable Notifications for Assessments. Notifications is another realtime feature that informs you within a second about important activities in your Assessments and let you quickly react on those.

Notifications support:
  • Comments: Creating, editing and deleting comments
  • Attachments: Uploading and deleting attachments
  • Assessment submissions


A red circle with the number of affected Assessments appears once any of those activities occur within your responsibility area. You can browse through those activities and quickly see who did what when. By clicking on one of those activities, you will be teleported right to the Assessment, the assessed object and the Assessment question. We even scroll you to the specific comment or attachment of that activity. Very comfy. Notifications are marked read automatically, but will be kept available for you in the future.

The Notifications are sorted automatically and in realtime. The Assessment with the most recent activity are at the top.

When you start an Assessment yourself, you are automatically subscribed to this Assessments and you will get all the Notifications from it. If you want to subscribe to the Notifications of your colleague's Assessment, just click on the subscribe button at bottom right corner of the Assessment anchor tile. Of course, you can unsubscribe and subscribe any time.

We will roll out this new realtime functionality for other Alyne features soon, e.g. Risk Management.


Assessment Activity Stream

Assessment Activity Stream
















With the introduction of Notifications we also add an activities stream for each Assessment by default. They indicate everything that has happened within an Assessment and is available for all Expert users having access to this Assessment.

Activity feeds are aggregated by day so you can quickly see what happened yesterday, today, etc. and can jump to the comment or attachment like with Notifications. They are also aggregated by Assessment object. We automatically add colors for each object so that you have visual clues where to focus on.

Of course it is updating and resorting in realtime.


New user menu

New user menu












We proudly introduce our new user menu which integrates all existing options and the new Notification center:

  • Notifications
  • Other memberships: If you are member of several Alyne organisations you can switch organisations now in an even nicer way. Even if you are Stefan, our Chief Customer Officer, you are now happy with managing your massive org memberships.
  • Help: It bundles the options of the support center: User Guide, Glossary and the Standards and Regulation overview.
  • Settings: Here you have the individual user settings and - if you are an Admin user - the organisation settings.
  • Logout: Sad, but true - sometimes you have to log out of Alyne.

Bug Fixes

This releases fixes a couple of issues:

  • For some edge cases, the login threw an error "CallbackURL mismatch". Sounds complicated, but wasn't really complicated to solve.
  • We fixed an annoying issue the newly copied or from-scratch created Controls are not associated with the Control Set.
  • In Attachments, you could upload files with identical file names that makes it hard to distinguish later. You can now still upload those files, but we now append (2), (3), etc. to the file name.
  • We had some issues with the new Standards Radar in Reports, but now fixed.
Manuel Reil

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