Single sign on, more speed and power features

Alyne now supports enterprise single sign on and authentication via Active Directory, Google G-Suite, Office 365 and others. We have also tuned our web interface and give you the fastest Alyne user experience ever.

Single Sign On

Single sign on solutions for authenticating users adds security in the sense that credentials are not stored with 3rd parties, revocation of access rights can be executed more quickly and convencience advantages for the end users. It is the approach recommended by leading security standards and also the auditors.

For a couple of weeks, we silently introduced single sign for enterprise grade customers. One big customer of ours uses it in production without any problems, big comfort gains and improved security. Alyne now supports:

  • Active Directory via ADFS or Azure AD
  • Google G-Suite, Office 365
  • all other SAML providers

When talking about single sign on and Active Directory, you might think of large integration efforts, failing projects and IT complexity that nobody really wants to dive in. Not with our solution. In collaboration with the customer's ADFS expert (Active Directory Federation Services) we only need some minutes to set up single sign on for an Alyne production environment. We cooperate with one of the leaders in this field auth0.

From that moment on, your users only need to enter their email address at, no password required. The whole authentication is handled by your Active Directory infrastructure. Neither Alyne nor our partners know or store passwords in this setup.

Get in contact with us. We provide attractive pricing for single sign on and enterprise authentication services through our automated offering.



With this release, Alyne ships the biggest amount of changes in the heart of our web user interface. Do not worry, the UI is the same you love, but under the hood we renewed several parts, put in a more performant engine and a turbo. The web interface loads a lot faster and feels snappier for every feature.

In our performance tests, the Safari browser leads the pack followed by Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 is still the slowest - it's already over 4 years old.

The gains vary from feature to feature, but overall we might save 20 - 30% of time.

We have not finished our efforts to make our app slimmer. Stay tuned.


Stay focused with archiving assessments and showing templates on click

Archive assessments and show templates

Power users of Alyne might have dozens of Assessments in their view, especially with regular Assessments and for use cases like Vendor Governance and application audits. To focus just on the currently important Assessments, you can now archive Assessments with just one click and they disappear. No worries, with another click you can show all archived Assessments again and even unarchive them.

Our Control Set, Assessment and Funnel templates are now hidden by default, this also helps to focus on your items and makes the UI snappier.

Create from template

When working with templates, you had to click on a template, let it load and then you clicked on "create from template". We now offer you a shortcut: Just hover the template tile and click the "create from template" icon and a split second later you see your Control Set, Assessment or Funnel freshly created from a nice Alyne template.

Bug Fixes

This releases fixes more than 50 smaller issues. We bet you never encountered one of those, we always strive to make our app better every day.

  • We fixed some missing hover titles and translations.
  • The order of languages shown is enforced based on your personal or organisation-wide setting.
  • We fixed several smaller glitches in the control editor such as avoiding reloads to see added standards, variable changes in certain circumstances, etc.
  • We increased the number of lines for the description when editing risks as we saw customers really like to enter a quite detailed description of their risks.
  • We improved the handling and canceling of granting and revoking access on Control Sets, Assessments, Reoports, Risks and others.
  • Some IE 11 behaviours have improved - not magically, but with some effort on our side...
  • And several other smaller visual improvements here and there.
Manuel Reil

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