Real-time, baby! But in control.

Alyne real-time technology updates the screen within a second or less whenever you collaborate with colleagues. You can now also enable fine-grained access control policies in your organisation, and even achive Risks or Risk Tags.


Real-time full screen

With Real-time, Alyne introduces a new technology in our application that magically updates your screen in case other members of your org are creating, changing or deleting items. This works for Control Sets, Assessments, Funnels, Reports and Risk Tags. This is a new way in Alyne to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time - always up to date.

It of course works on comments as well, i.e. you have a real-time chat!

Example situations in the app:

  • You are viewing the list of Control Sets in your organisation. Your colleague adds a new Control Set. You immediately see it appearing in your list of Control Sets - no reload required.
  • You are adding guidance on a Control with our new fancy guidance editor. You notice that a colleague adds a confused reaction on the Control. You open the comments right on the Control and start explaining how to better understand the importance of the Control. In real-time, your colleague interacts with you and gets convinced.
  • You sent an Assessment to a couple of your vendors and are viewing the list of Assessments. You see the increasing percentage of completion as your vendors are submitting their Assessment responses - to the point when the Assessment tile changes its status into completed - magically.
  • You are working on setting up a company-wide Risk register using Alyne Risk Management. It's quite late already and you are adding Risk Tags and some Risks as well. Your American colleague starts working and adds a new Risk Tag. It immediately pops up in your screen and you know your colleague follows the agreed process of categorising Risks. But suddenly, it disappears again! Apparently, your colleague limited read access rights on his new Risk Tag. Maybe he is still doing drafts...


Access Control everywhere

Access control full screen

Alyne always had restrictions on who has the right to which feature. For example, only Experts and Admins can start Assessments and create Reports. This stays how it is. However, in more complex organisations we saw that you need more fine-grained access control on Control Sets, Assessments and Reports. Also on Controls where potentially only some Experts should be able to change a Control. For Funnels and Risk Tags, this feature was already available for months.

When you are editing one of the items mentioned above you can spot a lock icon next to the owner. Once clicked, you can search for users who should be the only ones having read or write access. A common approach for Control Sets is to NOT restrict read access (everybody in your organisation can see it), but restrict write access to 2 selected Experts who are responsible for the topic.

This allows modelling responsibility areas in the app, but also having a secret draft version of an Assessment or a Report.


Risk Archive

Risk archive full screen

You can close and archive a Risk - no problem in Risk Management. But you could not archive a Risk Tag. Now you can. But Risk Management is smart: In case you have still to be managed Risks assigned to this Risk Tag you are offered to either assign them to other Risk Tags or you close all of them right away.


Control Guidance Editor

On Controls we have the "info" icon revealing some additional guidance. We thought our customers deserve a little more styling capabilities - and you got it. When you are editing a Control guidance, you see a bar with formatting icons, e.g. bold, headings, lists, links and more. This is well suited for adding links to your policies, your process documentation or just some structured text explaining how the Control should be applied, where it is applicable, etc.


Bug Fixes:

  • Some fixes around filtering Risks in the Risk Management by status and rating.
  • Also some minor flaws in the Control editor were fixed, probably nobody saw that issue.
  • We always try to get faster response times in our app, you will feel it here and there.
Manuel Reil

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