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Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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March New Features

Summary of Changes

Assessments Hints

1. Download a CSV of User data

Admin Users can now download a CSV containing a list of the Users in their Alyne instance.

2. Update Object property via Funnel outcome

Specify that a Funnel outcome will update a particular Object property.

3. Update Object property via Funnel question

Specify that an answer to a specific Funnel question will update an Object property.

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different tools assembled

New Year New Features

Summary of Changes

Assessments Hints

1. Stacking of Funnel-triggered Assessments

All Assessments relating to a particular Funnel will be grouped.

2. Deleting empty Assessments

Expert Users are now able to clean up empty Assessments.

3. Additional currencies

Admin Users can now select from 7 different currencies.

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Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Incident Management & Funnel Updates

Summary of New Features

1. Incident Management

We've built a new Incident Management module. You can now use Alyne to document, analyse, investigate and track incidents that have occurred.

2. Funnel Outcome Reviews

You now have the ability to add a reviewer to each Funnel outcome, creating an effortless and scalable review process for procedures like vendor conflict checks, business impact assessments and privacy impact assessments.

3. Funnel Tool Tips

We've added a number of tips within Alyne to help you complete Funnel Object details.

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