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Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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New cool Report features and Radars for Responders

Summary of Changes

Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary

1. Report Updates

We revamped the most popular Report sections: Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary.

Implement Control

2. Implement control mitigation

We introduce a new mitigation action type: "Implement Control".

Responder Radar

3. Responder Radar

Assessment recipients can view their results in a private radar diagram (if you allow it).

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Risk Tags 2.0 and PDF Reports

Summary of Changes

Risk Tags 2.0

1. Risk Tags 2.0

We made the handling of Risk Tags in the Risk Management more powerful and easier to use at the same time.

PDF Risk Reports

2. PDF Reports

Our reports are now also available as a downloadable PDF.

Scoped Risk Reports

3. Scoped Reports

Reports can be limited to a selection of Controls now.

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Multi Factor Authentication and Funnel Updates

Summary of Changes

Multi Factor Authentication

1. Multi Factor Authentication

A second factor for authentication protects your Alyne organisation from a wide range of attacks.

High Score Evaluation for Funnels

2. High Score Evaluation for Funnels

We added a second evaluation method for Funnels: High Score. It's a brother to the existing Weighted Answers method.

Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs

3. Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs

We introduce a very cool visualisation of the Funnel runs you took.

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Realtime notifications

Summary of Changes

Realtime notifications

1. Realtime Notifications

You are now informed in realtime about events in your Assessments.

Assessment activity feeds

2. Activity Streams

Each Assessment shows chronological list of its activities which is updated in realtime.

New User Menu

3. New User Menu

We ship a new user menu that gives the all the current options and the notifications a new home.

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Standards Radar, nicer Funnel statistics and AI translations

Summary of Changes

Deviation Radar on Standards

1. Deviation Radar on Standards

Reports now feature a second Deviation Radar. This time it is grouped by Standards.

Better Funnel Statistics

2. Better Funnel Statistics

Viewing Funnel instances now got nicer by slimmer statistics and questions and outcomes popups.

AI Translations

3. AI translations on Comments

As a free and optional feature, you now can have comments translated into your language.

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