Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Task Notifications, Funnel Pie Charts and More

Summary of Changes

1. Reactions for Control Sets

Alyne users can now add reactions to Control Sets (in addition to individual Controls), allowing customers to engage with members of their organisation more effectively.

2. Task Notifications & CSVs

Alyne users are now notified when Tasks are delegated or completed, giving customers better oversight over their organisation, including the organisation's risk management activities. Also, Risk Mitigation Tasks may now be downloaded as a CSV file.

3. Funnel Pie Charts

Funnel outcomes can now be presented in a pie chart, allowing users to get a quick visual snapshot of outcomes for active Funnels.

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Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Cooler Risk Tags, Task notifications and more

Summary of Changes

Risk Tag Updates

1. Risk Tag Updates

Many updates and improvements for the handling for Risk Tags in the Alyne Risk Management.

Controls by Standard

2. Controls by Standard

Control Sets and Assessments are now displayed either by Topic or by Standard/ Regulation.

Task Notifications

3. Task Notifications

We introduce automatic reminders for due tasks - if you want.

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Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Assessment Hints and Refactored Reactions

Summary of Changes

Assessments Hints

1. Assessments Hints

Assessment Managers can give hints for their Responders - per control, in all languages, can be inherited via templates.

Risk history in Reports

2. Risk history in Reports

A Report now remembers when a risk was created from it and by whom - great for avoiding duplicates and improving collaboration.

Refactored Reactions

3. Refactored Reactions

We completely overhauled the underlying tech of our Reactions - faster realtime updates and better scalability.

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Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

Summary of Changes

Sorted Radar Diagram

1. ... and again improved Radars

Responder Radars now feature the standards radar. All Radars are sorted alphabetically now.

Realtime Access Control

2. Realtime Access Control

Removing a user or changing the user type is enforced in realtime.

Configurable Session Timeout

3. Configurable Session Timeout

Admins of an Alyne org can configure the inactivity timeout individually.

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