Raconteur & The Sunday Times feature: RegTech gives banks the resilience they need

Thought leadership piece on Operational Resilience, featured in The Future of FinTech, Published by Raconteur and The Sunday Times.

Alyne gives banks the operational resilience they need

Munich, Germany — Alyne featured in the latest special report by Raconteur – The Future of FinTech – published 29 September and distributed in The Sunday Times. This feature as a RegTech, amongst other FinTech industry players is a true reflection of the growing importance of operational resilience to the financial services industry and the extensive capabilities that Alyne provides. RegTech helps organisations to digitalise their traditionally manual processes where spreadsheets and endless email chains have long reigned. Through the adoption of smart technology, such as machine-learning and cloud computing, industries can effectively address compliance requirements while supporting their cost-cutting efforts to boost profitability.


Alyne provides measurable resilience

"Banks lack the mature capability or have poor resilience targets. They are drowning in a sea of data, with no accurate sense of how resilient they really are..."


Learn more about how RegTech complements the role of FinTech and should be leveraged by financial institutions to achieve greater maturity in their operational resilience. 

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About the Raconteur, The Sunday Times

The Raconteur in The Sunday Times comprehensively covers the thriving competitive landscape of various businesses, educating enterprises with cutting-edge solutions to their business problems. The Raconteur is an excellent resource that offers organisation leaders actionable information, facilitating decision making processes to improve their operations.

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