September New Features

This September, in our new Governance section, Alyne Users will be able to leverage the Control Workbench for a configurable table view of all the Controls available in their organisation. On top of that, there is new capability for our Customers to harness AI Risk Suggestions on Controls, generate exports for Mitigation changes, easily view new Linked Entities - such as Assessments and Funnels - directly within the Object Library, and much more.

1. Control Workbench

Embedded into our new Governance section, the Control Workbench provides you with a configurable table view of all the Controls available in your organisation. Through this feature, you will be able to have direct access to Controls, independently from Control Sets.

The Workbench provides you with the capability to apply filters to narrow down on the search for specific Controls and is particularly useful for Controls with custom Control attributes.

Also available here is the ease of being able to create new Controls from scratch or resetting your existing Library Controls with just a single click. Talk about easy maintenance!

Too many Controls and not able to sieve out specific Controls? Now, with our Advanced filter option, you are able to utilise multiple AND/OR combinations covering not only topics and subtopics but all custom Control attributes to identify your Controls.

Additionally, with our 
new Library Store support made available for Controls, you can now pull Controls easily from our Controls Library Store directly into your Controls Workbench. To top this off, you can now receive updates to your Controls individually or as a whole, with a click of a button.

2. AI Risk Suggestions on Controls

Often, we receive feedback that finding the appropriate Risks to new custom Controls can be rather time-consuming. We have since extended our AI capabilities to suggest Risks on Controls in order to provide Users with an initial push to kickstart their Risk Management journey, starting from the Control level. 

Of course, we do also recognise the need for human intervention from time to time, so you can still complement the suggested Risks with your manual searches for Risks within the same space!

3. Linked Entities (Assessment & Funnels)

We started working on this feature 2 months ago with the first iteration of linking Risks to Objects. In our aim to transform our Object Library into a powerful all-in-one Hub for your assets, we are introducing more linked entity types.

Without any additional actions required, relationships are automatically established between Assessments and Funnels to Objects within the Object Library. You are now be able to view any related Assessments or Funnels that were initiated within your access rights.

And we are not stopping here, so stay tuned for more exciting updates in this space!

4. Mitigation Export Changes

​Changes in the risk landscape are constant and with that, corresponding Mitigations are often being created and updated to manage these Risks.

With our Change Report Mitigation export, which is available in both XLSX and CSV format, Users are able to obtain a snapshot view of differences between the 2 timestamps. Selecting the XLSX option would aid you further in highlighting those changes in colour. Talk about having some visual aid!

Not forgetting the regular snapshot exports (also available in XLSX and CSV) which still allows you to pick a single timestamp for the export. Now you can manage your Mitigations with much more ease!

5. Task Tab and Task Exports

​With Mitigation plans in place, actionables in the form of Tasks would follow suit. These Tasks would then be assigned to the various Task owners and progress tracked.  

With the new Task tab, you can now track linked Tasks easily, all within the Risk Management Dashboard. Exports are currently possible in the form of CSV format. Similar to that of Risks and Mitigations, Tasks exports take into consideration your Risk Tag selection.

6. Bootstrap 5 Upgrade

Improvement is always at the top of our priority. As such, we have just updated our frontend design framework to the latest version available, which allows us now to take advantage of the latest and greatest components in the framework as we are now fully up-to-date.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 
Eugene Nah

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