Translating laws into action - Alyne’s Secret Sauce

In the development of Alyne we put a lot of thought into how to make rules, their implementation and measurement of maturity smarter and easier to grasp.

We quickly realised that breaking down rules into their smallest, most concise and most specific form will be essential. We then set out to develop our content libraries by taking common legal or regulatory requirements and defining what specific actions they required and called these very specific actions control statements.

Our control statement library consisting of currently more than 850 of these control statements is at the core of Alyne and is the key ingredient to Alyne’s “Secret Sauce”.

We’ve put together a short video explaining the concept of control statements and demonstrating how they work in the Alyne application. 

You can also download an extensive description of the content of our libraries in this whitepaper

Karl Viertel

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