Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.

Vendor Governance Use Case

vendor governance logo with small white shops and one red one

Vendor Risk is one of the strongest contributors to operational risk. Poorly setup, it can be incredibly expensive and produce poor results. Alyne provides a powerful value proposition demonstrated in this use case video.

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Update to our Terms of Usage

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Since launching Alyne in March 2016, we've been having as many conversations with our current and future customers as we can. We want to understand how we can make Alyne more powerful, easier to use and more useful for organisations. 

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Assessing 50 vendors in three minutes

assessing 50 vendors in 3 minutes written in white print on a green and blue background

Are you spending too much time on vendor governance without meaningful results to show for it? Are you stuck figuring out if you are asking the right questions in your self assessments? Watch how you can easily setup an assessment of 50 vendors in real time on Alyne in just three minutes.