Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.

How to succeed as a new CISO – Part 2

life as a ciso with arrows pointing up

A couple of months ago, I gave you an overview of some origin stories that might influence your experience and personal development. Now it is time for part 2 of the article series that will give you some battle-tested tips and different time frames (e.g. what questions to ask before accepting the new job, how to prepare before starting your new job, how to survive your first week/month/100 days/year and how to build a strategic plan for the next 3 years.)

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Quantifying Operational Risk

operational risk management with three gear-wheels on green background

Quantifying operational risk is not an easy task - especially without a methodical approach. Poor measurement is getting increasingly expensive for many organisations, so we would like to discuss solutions using integrated risk management. 

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